University of Richmond police responded to two reports of burglary on Wednesday evening at the 5600 building of the Gateway Apartments after residents reported that cash had been stolen from their apartments.

Senior Liza David, who lives in one of the apartments where a burglary was reported, said she had noticed $40 in cash was missing from her wallet after one of her roommates had told her that she was missing cash from her own wallet.

“I left my wallet unattended for 45 minutes this morning when I went to the gym,” David said. “I remember because I had just taken my swipe card out of my wallet and left the rest of it on my dresser in my bedroom.”

David said the time period when she was at the gym had been the only time that she had left her wallet unattended that day. She said no one else had entered the apartment, that she knew of, other than the facilities staff member who comes to clean the bathrooms in her apartment every Wednesday.

“I came back and the cleaning people had been in my apartment, which they always come on Wednesdays,” David said. “I usually bring my wallet with me to the gym, but on this day I didn’t.”

David said no other items, besides the cash, were missing from her apartment. 

Another apartment above David's also reported a burglary. The residents of that apartment did not respond to requests for comment. 

URPD sent a timely warning to the campus community at 10 p.m. Wednesday, providing information about the reported burglaries.

“On April 4, 2018, at approximately 6:10 p.m., URPD responded to Gateway Apartment Building #56 for two reports of burglary,” the warning read. “In each incident, unknown subject(s) entered a locked apartment and stole cash from wallets.”

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