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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Employee Spotlight: Twinkle-eyed tidying

Doug Robinson exemplifies his enthusiasm for his job and for his life through his actions -- he dances while he vacuums locker rooms, and he makes a point to help out where ever he can on campus.

Robinson works on the first floor of the Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness, cleaning the football and baseball locker rooms. His work ethic and dedication cause him to stand out as a staff member.   

 “Even if we see a little piece of paper, the facility members pick it up because we want the campus to be clean and beautiful,” Robinson said. “It’s a joint effort.”  

When Robinson joined the University of Richmond staff in 2013, he took it upon himself to take care of the campus and the students who attend UR. 

“It’s a responsibility," Robinson said. "When someone sends their child here, it’s our job to take care of them. It’s a team effort." 

Robinson said talking with people while working was his favorite part of his job. 

"I love my job,” Robinson said. “The campus is so beautiful, and the people are so nice here.” 

Robinson is respected and well-liked by the players, coaches and faculty, and he is known for his warm personality and outgoing and engaging nature.

"Doug abides by the golden rule, to treat others the way you want to be treated," said Mike O’Toole, the coordinator of facilities and events for athletics at UR. "He has the type of personality you would like to have in any person, to be honest. 

"He takes ownership and pride in his work. He's part of the team. If there's a hiccup, you can approach him and he will take the input and suggestions. He does a really good job."

The people whom Robinson meets can tell that he is more than a dedicated staff member -- he’s a friend. Redshirt sophomore Jacob Roberson, a member of the UR football team, said Robinson “takes it upon himself to look out for the UR campus and each of its students as well.”  

The sports team members have shown their appreciation for Robinson's work on campus through their gifts to him over the years. In 2016, he received a signed baseball from the UR baseball team in appreciation for his work and personality. In 2016 and 2017, the members of the UR football team gave him a signed football.

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“They're good kids, all of them," Robinson said. "Every last one of them.”  

But these relationships often go deeper than athletics. Many of the players have developed a personal relationship with Robinson. 

Roberson said he greatly appreciated Robinson’s presence, the quick stories that he shared and his words of encouragement when Roberson was having a tough day. 

“He always puts a smile on my face, even when I have to go in early in the mornings for a workout," Roberson said. "He’s never in a bad mood, and he always brightens my day. He tells me ‘everything is gonna be all right.'"    

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