Miguel “Mickey” A. Quiñones will replace Nancy Bagranoff as dean of the E. Claiborne Robins School of Business, according to an email written by Jeffrey W. Legro, executive vice president and provost. 

Quiñones is the O. Paul Corley distinguished chair in organizational behavior and administration and the department chair of the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business, according to Southern Methodist University’s website.

Quiñones said he was excited to come to the University of Richmond. 

“It’s a jewel,” Quiñones said. “The Robins School is unique in being a top business school within a top-rated liberal arts university. Businesses are are looking for individuals to come in with a broad perspective, but grounded in a strong business education, which the Robins School has provided.”

Quiñones hopes to use his experience to help bring a collaborative style to the business school and foster a connection between students and faculty and students with the outside business community, he said. 

“I have a lot of experience working with a lot of organizations to help them meet the challenges of leadership development, navigating this sort of VUCA world that we’re in: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous,” Quiñones said. 

An 11-person committee was put together to help find a new dean. This process for finding a new dean took approximately four to six months, said William Bergman, a marketing instructor. 

“Not to be too boisterous, but I think they did a really good job,” Bergman said. “They had a number of candidates and they got it down to four. The four were all phenomenal, and I don’t say that lightly.”

Bergman, an SMU alumnus, said he was excited to have a fellow person from SMU come to UR. 

“I think Nancy Bagranoff did a phenomenal job here and I miss her already,” Bergman said. “But, I am very excited about our new dean.” 

Quiñones said he was excited to also move to Richmond, both the city and UR’s campus. 

“Richmond is certainly located in a great part of the country,” Quiñones said. “Not far from the beach, not far from the mountains. I think you all are lucky you get such a nice place to study and learn.”

Quiñones will serve in the role beginning July 1, according to Legro's email. 

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