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Saturday, December 03, 2022

Sophomore YouTuber gains over 180,000 subscribers

<p>Sophomore Emily Wass. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Sophomore Emily Wass.                                

At age 19, University of Richmond sophomore Emily Wass has more than 181,000 loyal subscribers on YouTube.

Wass, a business administration major with a concentration in marketing, as well as a minor in visual arts, created her YouTube channel during her sophomore year of high school. Watching other YouTubers all throughout middle school inspired her to create her own channel, she said.

"I was really into watching Bethany Mota and a lot of people like that," Wass said. "It inspired me to start just because it looked like fun."

Since then, Wass has gained thousands of subscribers, now hitting a total of 181,320. Most of her subscribers are middle school and high school girls, she said. Her channel has 287 videos with many more on the way. 

Wass makes lifestyle videos ranging from dorm room tours to thrifting adventures. She aims to create and post a new video at least once a week, she said. With her workload, Wass tries her best to juggle school work and her channel. 

“It takes a lot of time," she said. "I try to work on it almost everyday for a few hours because filming videos and editing videos takes a long time. I try and use my time the best I can.” 

Most of Wass's videos are of just her, she said, but she occasionally features a guest. 

Wass records the videos herself using her vlog camera, she said. She finds inspiration for new video ideas from her audience and fellow YouTubers. 

Sophomore Hallie Whiting, one of Wass's friends, has watched some of Wass's videos before.

“I have watched her videos and I think they’re really fun," Whiting said. "There’s not many people on YouTube from Richmond. I remember when I was first coming here I looked up Richmond on YouTube to see if anyone had ever filmed it." 

One of Wass's main goals as a YouTuber is to create more of what her audience likes, because that's what attracted new subscribers and keeps the old ones watching, she said. 

“I think it’s really cool having people watch my videos and then comment and talking back to the people,” Wass said. “It’s cool creating a whole community and feeling like I’m helping people in a way. I’ve made some advice videos in the past and had people comment that that really helped them or say that I’ve inspired them to start YouTubing.”

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Sophomore Brooke Dirvin enjoys watching Wass's videos. 

“I’ve watched her channel before and really enjoy it,” Dirvin said. “I think she does a good job editing and creating relatable content. My favorite videos are her thrifting videos.”

Wass' thrifting videos inspired Dirvin to try thrifting in Richmond, Dirvin said.

Wass has been sponsored by different companies like Clean and Clear in previous videos. Her most recent sponsorship was with Aussie Hair USA. The companies pay her to talk about their products in her videos, she said. Before Wass uploads each video she sends it to the company for approval, she said. 

Wass plans to continue making videos for her channel in the future but does not plan to make YouTubing her full time job, she said. 

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