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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Richmond round-up: Where to find the best brunch

<p>The Fancy Biscuit, located in the Fan district, is a small, trendy restaurant with a laid-back style and rustic accents serving delicious, customizable biscuits.&nbsp;</p>

The Fancy Biscuit, located in the Fan district, is a small, trendy restaurant with a laid-back style and rustic accents serving delicious, customizable biscuits. 

After a long week of late-night studying and essay writing, there is nothing like getting a nice meal celebrating the end of it. Being the vibrant city that it is, Richmond is filled with many restaurants with a wide variety of tastes and menus. With the seemingly endless choices and the annoyingly difficult Yelp app, it’s time to find out where University of Richmond students like to spend their Sunday mornings. 

So the question becomes: Where should you brunch? 

The Daily Kitchen & Bar 

Located in the heart of Carytown, The Daily is always hopping on Sunday morning. The Daily offers a wide selection of options that appeals to many tastes, whether you choose a hearty meal such as a burger or teriyaki bowl or a lighter option like a berry acai bowl. 

As a restaurant that prides itself on being health conscious, environmentally friendly and socially responsible, The Daily attracts diners from all over Richmond. The Daily's design reflects this progressive mission as it is minimalistically decorated with nature-inspired decor and green accents.  

After eating at the The Daily multiple times, sophomore Teresa Garavente said it was her go-to brunch location. 

“Eating brunch at The Daily has a nice, calming morning environment with nice selections of both healthy and yummy meals and sides,” Garavente said. 

The Daily is a higher-end brunch option, but you get what you pay for in the freshness of the ingredients and the quality of the meals. 

The Fancy Biscuit 

For all the carb lovers, The Fancy Biscuit will definitely deliver on a necessary carb fix. 

Its menu consists of many ways to enjoy a crumbly, buttery biscuit, but if its printed menu choices aren’t calling your name, there is an option to customize. With options ranging from country ham to sausage gravy and even caramel sauce, this choice provides endless opportunities to enjoy the biscuit. 

The Fancy Biscuit even offers options for the non-biscuit lovers, such as homemade quiches and a variety of unique sides, such ham-and-cheese grit tots and fried green tomatoes. 

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After a long week, Sunday morning usually calls for some caffeine and luckily, The Fancy Biscuit offers a wide variety of coffee drinks from just some plain black coffee to lattes and cappuccinos. 

“The environment created by vibrant colors and festive decor on top of the fresh biscuits and bomb hash browns made this brunch with friends ideal for the Instagram-blogger aesthetic,” said first-year Brie Grossman.

The Fancy Biscuit is a small, trendy restaurant with a laid-back style and rustic accents. And what could go wrong when there are biscuits?


If you're looking for a classic brunch spot, Brunch... is the place for you. With its Instagram-worthy plates and high-quality, flavorful food, Brunch... is always packed with hungry customers. 

There are extensive choices on the menu, so whether you are craving sweet or savory, there is something for everyone. Brunch... has classics such as two eggs cooked any style, but also has unique and deliciously amazing options such as pork poutine with sweet potato fries, smoked gouda and gravy.

First-year Lucia Helmers said Brunch... provided many flavor profiles for customers to enjoy that were all packed with a punch. 

“The menu had a variety of dishes that catered to what everyone would want and they all touched on a wide array of flavors within each of the dishes,” Helmers said. 

Located in The Fan District and surrounded by thrift shops and other small businesses, Brunch... is a destination hit by many. It is a sister restaurant to Lunch. Supper!, a staple in the Richmond dining scene.   

Metro Diner 

When all you are craving is some classic, diner-style breakfast food, look no further — Metro Diner is the place for you. With the restaurant's expansive menu and diverse assortment of options, anyone could find something to enjoy, whether it is a big plate of eggs and home fries or a chicken pot pie. 

Although it manages multiple locations around the country, Metro Diner still manages to achieve the “mom and pop” diner feel, making all its customers feel comfortable. 

Adam Webster, a first-year, made several trips to Metro Diner and has commented on its homey and generous vibe. 

“The staff is super friendly and they make you feel like you’re at home,” Webster said. “They also give you an absurd amount of food for the price. Overall I’ve just never had a bad experience at the Metro Diner.”

If you are craving a classic American diner meal, Metro Diner should be top of your Sunday brunch list. With the requisite diner-sized menu, the spot serves up diner-sized portions of food and coffee, along with an atmosphere to perfectly fit the time-honored, well-loved diner tradition.   

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