“Sorry, I can’t, 'The Bachelor' is on tonight.”

Every Monday during the show's season, that sentence is heard all around the University of Richmond campus and America. This season’s bachelor, Peter Weber, and the 30 women who started this season have been broadcasting their love stories since Jan. 6. 

Televisions in students' and common rooms and laptop screens everywhere are filled with the pilot from California who is looking for his future wife. The season has been filled with drama, tears and obviously roses as Weber has sent home 26 women and is taking the final four women to their hometowns on Monday, Feb. 17. 

Sophomore Maya Lieberman watches "The Bachelor" every Monday, either with friends or by herself.

“I Bachelor every week, and I’m a little embarrassed to say I look forward to Mondays because of it,” she said. “I usually watch with friends, or sometimes by myself, but it’s really fun when we all get together to watch somewhere.”

Even The Cellar, UR’s on-campus restaurant, has hopped on "The Bachelor" train and started “Bachelor Mondays,” showing the episodes on Mondays as they air, starting at 8 p.m. 

The lower level of The Cellar is closed off for those who want to watch the show and people are invited to sit and watch with their friends. Flyers outside The Cellar tell people to “be here for the right reasons with a night of Roses, Romance, and most likely some tears as Peter continues his search for love.”

After receiving a UR Heard request from a student, The Cellar decided to start Bachelor Mondays, which will run until the show’s finale in early March. Melissa Comstock, manager at The Cellar, said The Cellar would also play any extra episodes that came on on different days of the week, except episodes on Wednesdays because "there are too many people in the Cellar on that evening.”

Comstock said many members of the staff also watched the show, so it was fun for anybody who decided to come and watch. 

In addition to playing the show on the big screen, The Cellar also offers some specials to go along. 

“It was also a chance to offer some specials to students as a fun incentive to come by,” Comstock said. “We are offering dine-in-only root-beer floats and brownie sundaes for dine-in or take out all day on Mondays.”

Sophomore Becca Rubenstein watches "The Bachelor" with her friends every week “because it’s a lot of fun to be able to relax and watch something that is easy to poke fun at,” she said. Although the drama can get tiring, she said, “the show is so good at hooking you and making you always want to watch the next episode.” 

Even though she didn’t go to the first Cellar Bachelor Monday, Rubenstein said she would "totally go to The Cellar to watch. It would be such a fun atmosphere.”

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