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Monday, October 02, 2023

Letter to the Reader: The Collegian's responsibility

<p>Graphic by Annie Scalet/The Collegian</p>

Graphic by Annie Scalet/The Collegian

Dear Readers:

I hope you all are well and that you are safe during this time.

The University of Richmond has had a tumultuous semester: Racist graffiti and hateful events affected our campus community in January; Hazing incidents were reported of many on-campus organizations; There is also the impact of COVID-19 and the transition to remote learning, which hurt many of us in a myriad of ways.

UR students are also responding to what has been happening nationally: President Ronald A. Crutcher wrote an email on May 30 to the community regarding the racist acts brought by the police toward Black Americans. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. George Floyd. Names we all now know. Yet, these deaths due to senseless violence against black people are not new to this country. This week has affirmed the racial discrimination and hate that are woven into the fabric of our nation. To ignore these acts and their effects on our campus would be inherently insensible and quite frankly, would perpetuate the problem itself. 

During these times, one thing is for certain: The Collegian will actively report on discrimination and hate that affects our campus, no matter what.

The Collegian is a student-run news organization that aims to be balanced in what it publishes. But ultimately, The Collegian’s role is to not only inform the community but to cultivate civic engagement.

Every member of the UR community deserves to be heard and deserves to be represented, not just those from majority groups. The Collegian will do its part in making sure that this representation holds true. The racial injustices that minority students face on campus will not be brushed aside. Ignoring these truths is cowardly, and additionally, it would not give the UR community the information it needs to know in order for our campus to grow and make change.  

The Collegian is always a resource to support the community. Speaking on behalf of the editors, we will work harder to educate ourselves. We will cover students, faculty, staff and the UR administration's response to these incidents and report on what UR is doing over the coming days and beyond. Additionally, The Collegian is a forum for community members to express their opinions. We encourage op-ed submissions from all. 

We are always seeking to actively listen to your story and your truth. As my fellow editors and I settle into our tenure as Collegian leadership, you are welcome to contact us with any concerns. 

Personally speaking, I am here and I am ready. I will work tirelessly to make sure that our community can trust this newspaper to do its job.

Always my best,


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