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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Ask Eric: Sports and Uber Drivers

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Graphic by The Collegian

Editor's Note: Ask Eric is an advice column published every Tuesday. Anonymous questions are taken from this Google form. Questions are also taken both from The Collegian's Instagram, @thecollegianur, and via email, The views and opinions expressed in this article do not reflect those of The Collegian.

The first questions are in, and I will say, they are riveting. 

How much salt and/or pepper should I use?

As a self-proclaimed “foodie,” I feel this question is right up my alley. Firstly, I would highly recommend that, one, you use other spices in addition to salt and pepper. Other flavors can contribute to the areas you may feel are lacking when you get the urge to salt your dish. 

For soups or soft foods, such as mashed potatoes, you will want to sprinkle it in a spiral motion, taste it and add more depending on your personal preferences. With chicken, beef or other types of meat, you will want to sprinkle it in a manner that covers the entire cut with a thin layer. 

It also depends on the type of food and your personal preferences. If you do not like pepper, you would have to put less than my recommended amounts. If you like things really salty, I would put more than my recommended amounts. 

What sports or games should I take part in on campus?

This is a great question! Because of the pandemic, activities are more limited this year. There are a few sports that seem to be pretty popular including spike ball, tennis, basketball and soccer. 

These are easy to play during these times because they do not require a lot of people, or a specific field size. There is also the Weinstein Recreation Center, where you can swim laps, use weight machines, and run miles on the treadmill! This is a great way to stay in shape, though you will have to wear a mask while using the facilities (except the pool)!

In terms of official club/intramural sports, I am not really sure which teams are active this semester, and which are not. I personally do not play a sport as an official activity. My suggestion would be to ask some friends, check SpiderBytes, or the UR Website, and reach out to members of these organizations!

What should I change my name to?

I have never met anyone who legally changed their name, so I am not exactly sure how people decide this. Go with something you like, and worst comes to worst, random name generator

What song should I play in the car when I don’t know what kind of music my passengers like?

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If you don’t know what kind of music they like, ask them! Talking about music is one of the greatest ways to bond with people, no matter who they are. Nothing beats the thrill of finding out you and someone you know love the same artists and bands.

Once you find out what they’re interested in, simply play that type of music! And on occasion, you will find that some people simply don’t listen to music. If this is the case, play what you like, they will probably enjoy it! 

Finally, if you’re an Uber driver, and feel awkward making conversation with your passenger, play the hits, both modern and throwback! 

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