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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Study spots for finals season

<p>A masked student sits with a laptop in Boatwright Memorial Library.</p>

A masked student sits with a laptop in Boatwright Memorial Library.

For many University of Richmond students, finding a place on campus that allows them to study and get their work done on a daily basis is usually an easy task thanks to the countless buildings, classrooms and facilities that provide a productive workspace environment and atmosphere. However, with finals rapidly approaching and the light of winter break just visible on the horizon, students are scrambling to find the perfect study spot to prepare for exams.

This being said, the definition of the perfect study spot varies for each student depending on preferences and study habits. Thankfully, UR provides a plethora of different spaces to fulfill students’ needs. 

One of the most common types of studiers found around UR’s campus are the silent workhorses. These are the students who desperately need a quiet place to crank out as much work as possible, with intense focus and minimal distractions. If a student is part of this category, the silent study rooms in Boatwright Memorial Library could be the ideal spot. Located on every floor of the library, these study rooms are conducive to a productive study session with zero noise, people or other distractions. They can be reserved up to two weeks in advance for a maximum time of two hours by visiting the library’s website

In addition to the study spaces, the second floor of the library is a silent space that is also a great place for those seeking a quiet atmosphere that is more open and less claustrophobic than a study room. The first basement level of the library, or B1, is still closed at this time. 

“The [second] floor of the library is the place to be,” sophomore Nora Livingood said. “The silent section helps me focus and seeing everyone else working at the same time motivates me to get more work done.” 

Also, being a staircase away from 8:15 at Boatwright doesn’t hurt. 

For those who are seeking a different type of atmosphere, the Gottwald Center for the Sciences provides a balance of collaboration and quiet spaces nestled in a unique building. The large center atrium contains many tables and chairs, which are great for working individually or with others. There is also a silent study room on the third floor and numerous open classrooms throughout the building that students may use if they are empty. 

“I love the overall atmosphere as it creates a very peaceful and calm work environment, and it is usually less crowded than the library,” senior Kathryn Shea said regarding the study spaces in Gottwald. “So, I can actually sit where I want and not be distracted by people walking in and out of the room.” 

The library and science center are definitely some of the most popular places to study amongst students. However, there are many underrated smaller spaces that people enjoy, as well. For example, the Booker Hall of Music’s Parsons Music Library is a quaint space on the second floor filled with books and a few tables and chairs. It is perfect for the cozy work atmosphere, as it is usually uninhabited by many students. 

Sophomore Campbell Prentiss considers the music library a hidden gem.

“There are always seats available, and it's very easy to access,” he said 

Many students will choose study places that are more conveniently located near their residences, so this is a great place for upperclassmen living in the Gray Court, North Court, South Court, Westhampton Hall or Keller Hall. 

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Although everyone is seeking that one “perfect study spot” on campus, there are endless possibilities they can choose from and discover that could fill this role. Students should definitely take the time to explore different buildings and facilities on campus to find what works best for them, as they might stumble across a special place they never knew about before. Good luck on exams, students!

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