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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Is it absurdly good? UR students review Absurd Snacks

<p>Absurd Snacks trail mix on the shelves at Everything Convenience.</p>

Absurd Snacks trail mix on the shelves at Everything Convenience.

Absurd Snacks, a company founded by University of Richmond students, has officially launched its first product on March 21, an alternative trail mix made of beans. The mix consists of chickpeas, green peas, quinoa, flax seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, oats and fava beans. 

The mix is high in protein, gut-friendly, allergy-friendly and does not contain refined sugar, according to a press release from the company on March 21. Currently, there are two flavors to choose from chocolate and maple cinnamon.

Absurd Snacks is available online and at multiple local markets and grocery stores in Richmond. UR students can find the product on campus at Everything Convenience. A 10-ounce bag can be purchased at stores for $9.99, while a two-pack is available on the company’s website for $20.99. 

Junior Teddy Manges said that he had some trouble getting his hands on the trail mix initially.

“I went to ETC to try to find them, but I couldn’t,” Manges said.

Manges did manage to taste both flavors when ETC restocked the trail mix. He enjoyed the moderate sweetness of the mix, Manges said. 

“[The mix] is not that sweet that it would make me want to eat too much,” he said. 

Although chickpeas were his favorite part of the mix, Manges said it was better to eat the mix by the handful than by each ingredient individually.

First-year Kavisha Desai, who is a vegetarian, said that although it was not difficult for her to find snacks, most of them were unhealthy. She enjoyed Absurd Snacks because of its healthy taste, Desai said. 

Sophomore Aamy Bakry was surprised when he first tried the mix.

“In terms of how [the package] looks, it’s not really appealing … but when I tasted it, it was actually good,” Bakry said.

Senior Daniel Wolfeiler, co-founder and sales manager of Absurd Snacks, suggested that the trail mix could be used as toppings.

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“Obviously you can eat it by the handful," Wolfeiler said. "But you can also put it on top of yogurt, in a bowl of milk, on top of a salad, ice cream or frozen yogurt. It’s pretty versatile, you can get creative with it." 

Desai, a regular consumer of trail mixes and granola bars, thought that the mix needed an ingredient that would provide some softness alongside the crunchiness, she said.

“I think raisins in there would be perfect,” Desai said.  

The beans were a little harder than Manges would have liked, he said. He also hoped that as the company grew, the price tag would be lower and more flavors would be released. Manges suggested honey as an example.

Most of the Absurd Snacks team are seniors, and the company’s future plan is already in the making, Wolfeiler said. 

“There’s a group of us who are interested in pursuing [growing the business] after graduation and continuing to try and build it,” Wolfeiler said. “Hopefully, once we get investment, we can do some research and development and test out new flavor varieties.”

Down the road there could be new additions to Absurd Snacks like dried fruits or chocolate chips as well as new savory flavors, Wolfeiler said. 

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