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Monday, March 27, 2023

The best study spots on campus, ranked

With over 350 acres of land, the University of Richmond is filled with unique landscapes and outdoor-sy areas. The campus is also no stranger to random study spots, some more widely known than others. With an overwhelming choice of options, one may wonder: what IS the best study space on campus? This article will solve your dilemma, with a subjective ranking of some of the top locations.  

No. 8: 8:15 at Boatwright

You know those videos of student influencers who enjoy a nice hot latte while reading 20 pages of readings? I strongly believe that 8:15 accentuates these vibes of a main love interest in a romantic comedy. Especially with fall around, the café vibes in 8:15 are immaculate. My main complaint, however, is that the place is too small, so that the main character vibe is gone as soon as the 10:30 a.m. coffee rush hits.

8:15 Cafe

No. 7: The Carole Weinstein International Center

Ah yes, the International Center. With aesthetically pleasing architecture, study tables everywhere, a common area and Passport Café, it has almost everything that one needs to have a relaxing study experience. I think that more people should visit the International Center. The only downside is that the big globe fountain thing can get a little loud, but pop in your earphones, and you should be good.

international center

The courtyard of the Carole Weinstein International Center. 

No.6: Boatwright Memorial Library - First Floor

When I first arrived on campus, this was my personal top choice for studying. A large library with computers, a section where you could do group projects, printers galore and many, many seats — what more could you ask for? As it turns out, I wasn’t the only person to think this, as these “many, many seats” get filled up on Sunday afternoons when everyone rushes to complete their weekend reading. That being said, the first floor of Boatwright is now at a measly 6th place in my ranking.

more masked students in library

Two students work across from each other in Boatwright Memorial Library.

No. 5: The Study Lounges in each residence hall

This may be slightly different for each person, but as a first-year who lives in Wood Hall, the privacy that one can get in the study lounges is spectacular. The concept of study lounges in each residence hall is amazing, providing students with an exclusive place to study. You have privacy with the facilities like comfortable seats and charging ports.

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Lounge in the Student Residence Hall

No. 4: Parsons Music Library

The music library is truly one of the most underrated spots to study on campus. It’s small, compact and has the library vibes that motivates you to study. There usually aren’t that many people, so it is a quiet, comfortable study location, with top-notch study rooms. Unfortunately, the music library is significantly smaller than Boatwright Library, and as such, during peak study times, there is almost no space to study. Despite this, it remains a top place to study for students, even if you aren’t a music major.

Parsons Music Library

No. 3: Tyler Haynes Commons

THC is filled with study spots scattered throughout the building, all with various pros and cons. From the Think Tank outside the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, to the tables in The Current and The Pier, you get a variety of options for study locations. Plus, with Tyler’s Grill, you can get yourself a smoothie as motivation for the work you’re completing. One underrated spot within the Commons would be the patios. There are a variety of patios outside the commons: two outside the second floor and one hidden on the third floor. Sure, there aren’t any charging stations, but the privacy that one can get in these spots makes up for it. Ignoring the mosquitos and flies that come at night, THC gives you the most variety so you can choose what you need.

Outside THC w/ no tents 2

The tents outside of Tyler Haynes Commons were removed for the 2021-2022 academic year.

No. 2: Humanities Building Commons

Tthe Humanities Commons is one of the most talked about locations for studying lately. Given that UR has recently renovated the location, it’s no surprise that it became one of the most popular, “underrated” places for students to study. I’ll admit, I personally have yet to study there. However, with the resounding amount of praise I’ve heard about this place, I’ll give it second place.

No. 1: Boatwright Memorial Library - Level 2

Let’s review the categories. Quiet locations with private study rooms? Check. Personal space for optimal studying? Check. Peer pressure to get you studying? Check. Charging ports? Check. With all this in mind, this is the best studying environment, ensuring that you get your work done. While the rankings of the study spots in the list may shift, I firmly believe that the second floor of Boatwright Memorial Library will remain in the top spot for years to come.

Boatwright Library Second Floor

I recognize that there are more spaces on campus not on this list, such as the Gottwald Center for the Sciences, or Heilman Dining Center (I’ve seen people studying there), but I still stand by my review of the best study locations on campus.

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