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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Songs for Summer

<p><em>Graphic by YounHee Oh</em></p>

Graphic by YounHee Oh

For all four years of my time at the University of Richmond, I have been a DJ with WDCE 90.1 FM, getting to share my music taste and excitement over new releases and concerts with the campus and Richmond community. I’ll miss my show and wandering through the CD collection in the station. After 77 shows of Second Hand News, I want to leave you with a playlist of songs to listen to this summer. 

  1. “Boyhood” by The Japanese House

Amber Bain of The Japanese House is back with new music, and oh how exciting is this! You absolutely cannot help but bop along to this song, and will definitely resonate with any graduating seniors (“and if I grow, I’m gonna get so old”).

  1. “You’re Not Special, Babe” by Orla Gartland

One of the stand-out singles from Orla Gartland’s 2022 debut album “Woman on the Internet,” this one is perfect for singing (or screaming) along to in your car. While you’re at it, you should really listen to the whole album, there is not a single song that falls flat. 

  1. “Want Want” by Maggie Rogers

Just because this song is from “Surrender” (my album of the summer last summer) doesn’t mean it can’t also be one of my top songs of this summer. Some songs stick with you. Maggie Rogers is going on tour again this summer and you can bet I’m going to be screaming this one at the top of my lungs. 

  1. Every song from boygenius’s album “The Record”

Need I really say more? Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker…I love you.

  1. “Tropic Morning News” by The National

I may not be a “sad dad,” but I still listen to sad dad rock. And I’m beyond excited to have a brand new album from The National to listen to on repeat this summer. The record is called “First Two Pages of Frankenstein,” and if that’s not enough to interest you, Sufjan Stevens, Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift all feature on the album (they made this album specifically for me and you cannot convince me otherwise).

  1. “Mermaids” by Florence + The Machine

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Mermaidcore is trending online and just in time too, since Florence Welch has blessed us with one more song from the Dance Fever era: “Mermaids.” This isn’t your pretty Pinterest shell clips and pearls though, it’s got a darker twist (how very Florence + The Machine). Some standout lyrics include “and with your mermaid hair and your teeth so sharp, You crawled from the sea to break that sailor’s heart.”

  1. “God Above” by Billie Marten

If you want something chill, here’s my favorite song from Marten’s new album “Drop Cherries.” I’ll be listening to this album all summer and you should think about joining me. This song in particular borrows lines from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and makes my English major heart sing.

  1. “What I Want” by MUNA

Another song I had on repeat last summer and will be doing so again, MUNA gave us this anthemic queer pop song “What I Want” last June, and it would be a shame to not include it on this list. Turn this on, and it’s time to be unabashedly yourself and free. And if you haven’t heard of MUNA, they’ve been one of the opening acts on Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, so if you don’t know them by now… it’s time to start listening.

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