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Monday, April 12, 2021


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Campus Life


RC or WC: Who gets the better deal?

An anonymous University of Richmond student -- who could have been either male or female -- started a posting thread on College ACB with a description of tasks that men pledging a campus fraternity were required to do before being initiated.


University to hold transportation forum Monday

The university will host a transportation forum 10:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m Monday outside Boatwright Memorial Library showcasing new transportation options available to students beginning this semester. Representatives from ZipCar, Groome Transportation and To The Bottom and Back will be in attendance.


Spider in the Kitchen hosts cooking event

On October 5, Spider in the Kitchen, the university's food club on campus that focuses on an exchange of recipes, entertaining and cooking ideas among campus foodies, will host its second event this semester, with a "Soups and Stews" theme. Attendees can sample a menu of tomato bisque, Portuguese sausage and onion stew, Cajun-style gumbo, turkey chili, sandwiches, pumpkin cookies and chocolate bread pudding, put together by Glenn Pruden, the university's executive chef and Cynthia Stearns, assistant director of marketing and special programs, who have worked together for 33 years. Stearns and other dining hall employees, who provide a wealth of resources, founded Spider in the Kitchen in February 2008.


Students "spill" troubles in anonymous online forum

A new website that allows students to rant confidentially and receive feedback about college-related problems will soon connect Richmond students with peers who have been in their shoes. Senior Katie Wilcox is trying to bring (Supporting Peers in Laid-back Listening) to Richmond.