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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


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Motionless students symbolize human trafficking

Students froze while walking, tying shoes and checking cell phones this afternoon in an effort to spread awareness about worldwide human trafficking. Students Stopping the Trafficking of People (SSTOP) sponsored the demonstration in honor of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day on Jan.


Time for free lunch? Not for Libya

The Libyan revolution came to an unexpected climax this past week when news broke that the deposed dictator, Muammar Gadhafi, had been slain at the hands of the rebel forces.


Little Mosque on the Prairie

When I was younger, I read the "Little House on the Prairie" books religiously. The first story about Laura Ingalls Wilder -- a girl growing up in the Midwestern United States during the late 19th century -- was the first full-length book I finished after I learned how to read.


Burst the bubble without even leaving it

This article is dedicated to an underappreciated part of the Richmond student body: the international students. I've heard people complain about Richmond being too small, the days too repetitive, the people too similar and the overall atmosphere of the "bubble" too suffocating. I think people often forget, however, that new exchange students arrive each semester and some with each new freshman class who can't possibly fit into the typical Richmond student mold, each one of them bringing a little part of another country and another culture with them. Overall, international students from 70 countries represent about 6 percent of the student body.


De Klerk calls for inclusivity

F.W. de Klerk, former President of South Africa, spoke at 7 p.m. Tuesday in a sold out Jepson Alumni Center. His speech, "The Challenge of the Century: Leading Change and Diverse Societies," discussed the important lessons of negotiation, management of change and leadership that led to the peaceful end of apartheid, according to the Jepson website. De Klerk currently leads The Global Leadership Foundation, an organization that is "near and dear to his heart," said Theo C.


Tune In to TV: TV that doesn't suck

NBC's "30 Rock" and "Community" returned last week to continue their 6th and 2nd seasons, respectively (my Thursdays just got a lot better). Both shows returned in prime form. If you don't already know, "30 Rock," starring Tina Fey (maybe the only funny woman on television), is among the best comedy shows around. Last week's episode, "Mrs. Donaghy," focused on marriage, portraying it as a cutthroat game of one-upmanship. A misunderstanding caused by Liz's bride-like attire and the ceremony being held in French, causes Jack, who was supposed to have married Avery (Elizabeth Banks, the closest you'll get to a second funny woman on television, and in the same show!) to marry Liz. Liz, with peer pressure from her TGS (originally called The Girlie Show) team, leverages the signing of divorce papers in order to get a better budget and regain perks lost from Kabletown's (*cough* Comcast) acquisition of NBC. Meanwhile in plot B, budget cuts force Jenna and Danny to share the same dressing room, turning them into a bickering married couple with Kenneth as their "child." Tracy Jordan is MIA for most of the episode because he is off hosting the international pornography awards.


Fighting for global health

With the advance in information technologies, international travel and business, our world is becoming an increasingly interdependent place. Each of the components of public health, economic growth and local environment influences the others, creating a global network.


Former president Heilman revisits war zone

"If something happens today, do you want to us to resuscitate?" That was the question posed to almost a dozen World War II veterans as they boarded a cargo plane to revisit the black-sand beaches where they had landed under fire from Japanese forces 65 years ago. University of Richmond Chancellor E.