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Friday, January 22, 2021


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Virginia's same-sex marriage ban overturned

A federal judge overturned Virginia's same-sex marriage ban Feb. 13, and declared it unconstitutional as the South's most powerful legal reversal of restrictive marriage rights to date. "Our Constitution declares that 'all men are created equal,'" wrote U.S.


Ten Things to Get Hyped about for Fall at Richmond

Sometimes it can be a little bit of a downer to return to school after a long, hot four months of working at that same summer job you've had since high school, traveling, name-dropping your fancy summer internship, spending time catching up with old friends and family, or whatever other activity you were engaged in that didn't involve homework or cafeteria food (sorry D-Hall, you're really tasty and DARN do you know how to make a panini, but you're still a cafeteria). Sure, it's exciting to see everyone's new haircut and set up your room.


Some last reflections on Richmond

I'm a pretty cold-hearted person, so when people start talking about how sad they are that we're graduating soon, I usually just let my eyes glaze over and start thinking about what I need to buy at the grocery store this week. Granted, I nod my head every once and a while and stick in the perfunctory "I know, right?!" But when push comes to shove, I'm pretty excited to get the heck out of here. Sorry I'm not sorry that I won't really miss the midget-sized beds, trying to maneuver around my roommates in our one-person kitchen sans dishwasher, the moldy bathtubs, the parking services man, checking eSuds every .25 seconds to see whether any of the laundry machines were open, the laxative-ridden D-Hall food or trying to sleep through the sounds of drunk biddies roaming around the apartments at 2 a.m.