We, the undersigned faculty and staff at the University of Richmond, reject racist violence like that witnessed in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend. We condemn the KKK, neo-Nazis, and other white supremacist groups that attacked peaceful protesters and killed Heather Heyer. We are committed to building a safe and inclusive campus community, and we are united in our opposition to all hateful and discriminatory acts toward African Americans, Muslims, Jews, women, Latinos, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, people of color, and others. We pledge to defend the rights and liberties of our diverse and vibrant community and we urge others on campus and in the broader Richmond community to do the same.

1. Jenny Pribble, Associate Professor of Political Science

2. Jennifer Bowie, Associate Professor of Political Science

3. Ernesto Semán, Assistant Professor, Jepson School of Leadership Studies

4. Brittany Nelson, Assistant Professor, Art and Art History

5. Glyn Hughes, Director of Common Ground

6. Eric S. Yellin, Associate Professor of History

7. Patrice Rankine, Professor of Classics, Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences

8. Claudia Ferman, Associate Professor of Latin American & Film Studies

9. Rania K. Sweis, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

10. Jannette Amaral-Rodríguez, Assistant Professor, Latin American, Latino and Iberian Studies

11. Ladelle McWhorter, Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies & Environmental Studies

12. Jeffrey S. Harrison, W. David Robbins Chair in Strategic Management

13. Nicole Sackley, Associate Professor of History and American Studies

14. Dan Palazzolo, Professor of Political Science

15. Michael Dixon, Asst. Director, Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology

16. Mary Finley-Brook, Associate Professor of Geography

17. Benjamin Broening, Professor of Music

18. Krista Stenger, Associate Professor of Biology

19. Linda Fairtile, Head of Parsons Music Library

20. Agnieszka Szymanska, Assistant Professor of Art History

21. Holly Blake, WILL* Program Director

22. Jan French, Associate Professor of Anthropology

23. Jessie Fillerup, Assistant Professor of Music

24. David Salisbury, Associate Professor of Geography

25. Mia Reinoso Genoni, Dean of Westhampton College

26. Scott Johnson, Associate Professor, Associate Provost for Student Academic Initiatives

27. Jane Berry, Professor of Psychology

28. Derek Miller, Visiting Lecturer of Anthropology

29. Robert C. Kenzer, Professor of History

30. Linda Boland, Associate Professor of Biology

31. Matt Spahr, Lecturer, Art and Art History

32. Andrew Gurka, Director of Living-Learning & Roadmap Programs

33. Elisabeth Gruner, Associate Professor of English

34. Rafael O. de Sá, Professor of Biology

35. Rick Mayes, Professor of Political Science

36. Carol Parish, Professor of Chemistry

37. Mariela Méndez, Associate Professor of Latin American, Latino & Iberian Studies & Women, Gender & Sexualities Studies

38. Chris Chandler, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

39. Carol Summers, Professor of History and International Studies

40. Mari Lee Mifsud, Professor of Rhetoric, Program Coordinator, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

41. Amy Howard, Assistant VP Community Initiatives and Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

42. Jennifer Cable, Professor of Music

43. Julietta Singh, English and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies

44. Fred Hagemeister, Information Services and Chemistry Adjunct

45. Tze M. Loo, Associate Professor of History

46. Samantha Seeley, Assistant Professor of History

47. Chris Bischof, Assistant Professor of History

48. Emily Boone, Director of Biology, Environmental Studies

49. Jennifer L. Erkulwater, Associate Professor of Political Science

50. Nicole Maurantonio, Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Communication Studies and American Studies

51. Stephen B. Long, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies

52. Kathy Hoke, Professor of Mathematics

53. Harry Hoke, Director of Introductory Mathematics

54. Samantha Guss, Social Sciences Librarian, Boatwright Library

55. Crystal Hoyt, Associate Dean Jepson School, Professor of Leadership Studies & Psychology

56. Sandra Joireman, Professor of Political Science

57. Joanna H. Drell, Associate Professor of History

58. Elizabeth Baughan, Associate Professor of Classics

59. Monika Siebert, Associate Professor of English

60. Olivier Delers, Associate Professor of French

61. Isaac Skromne, Assistant Professor of Biology

62. Kevin Pelletier, Associate Professor of English

63. Chris Stevenson, Associate Professor of Chemistry

64. Julian Maxwell Hayter, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies

65. Richard Dagger, Professor, Political Science and PPEL

66. L. Stephanie Cobb, Professor, Religious Studies and advisor to Jewish Studies

67. Alicia Díaz, Assistant Professor of Dance

68. Monti Narayan Datta, Associate Professor of Political Science

69. Carol Wittig, Head of Research and Instruction, Boatwright Library

70. Mariama Rebello de Sousa Dias, Assistant Professor of Physics

71. Chris Kemp, Head of Discovery, Technology and Publishing, Boatwright Library

72. Gary Shapiro, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

73. Julie Pollock, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

74. Doug Szajda, Associate Professor of Computer Science

75. Heather M. Russell, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

76. Melissa Ooten, associate director, WILL* program

77. Chris von Rueden, assistant professor of leadership studies

78. Sojourna Cunningham, Social Sciences and Assessment Librarian

79. Kathrin Bower, Professor of German Studies

80. Daryl Cumber Dance, Emerita Professor of English

81. Arthur Charlesworth, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

82. Amy Treonis, Associate Professor of Biology

83. Dean Simpson, Professor of Classical Studies

84. Kristin M.S. Bezio, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies

85. Joanna Love, Assistant Professor of Music

86. Atiya Husain, Assistant Professor of Sociology

87. Allison Tait, Assistant Professor of Law

88. Lucretia McCulley, Head of Scholarly Communications, Boatwright Library

89. Donelson R. Forsyth, Professor of Leadership Studies

90. Anna Creech, Head of Resource Acquisition and Delivery, Boatwright Library

91. Diana Thompson Vincelli, retired Staff, Foundation, Corp. & Govt Relations

92. Joe Boehman, Dean of Richmond College

93. Beth Ann Howard, Program Manager, School of Professional and Continuing Studies

94. Paul Achter, Associate Professor and Chair, Rhetoric and Communication Studies

95. Jeff Simpson, Director of NMR and Computational Support, Dept. of Chemistry

96. Jon Messer, Academic Technology Consultant, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

97. Donna Ruff, Administrative Coordinator, Management, Robins School of Business

98. Joanna Wares, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and CS

99. Rachel Koch, Staff Psychologist, CAPS

100. Patrick Schweiger, Study Abroad Manager

101. Kevin Corn, Assistant Director, Living-Learning & Roadmap Programs

102. Barb Michelson, Administrative Coordinator, Academic Advising Resource Center

103. Donique McIntosh, Assistant Dean of Westhampton College

104. Allison Brenning, Director of Instruction and Educational Practice

105. Aleksandra Sznajder Lee, Associate Professor of Political Science

106. Bryan Field, Area Coordinator, Residence Life and Undergraduate Student Housing

107. Nick Minnix, Administrative Coordinator, The Richmond MBA

108. Joe Troncale, Languages, Literatures, and Culture

109. Kevin Creamer, Director for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

110. Dana Lascu, Professor of Marketing

111. Jeannine Keefer, Visual Resources Librarian

112. Maja E. White, Associate Professor Theatre and Dance

113. Jennifer Stevens, Administrative Specialist for Study Abroad, Office of International Education

114. Ryan Brazell, Academic Technology Consultant, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

115. Manuella Meyer, Associate Professor of History

116. Rosanne Ibanez, Assistant Director of Admissions

117. Erika Zimmermann Damer, Associate Professor Classics and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

118. Allison Archer, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies

119. Julie Baker, Director, French Language Program

120. Andrea Waddle, Assistant Professor of Economics

121. Patricia Herrera, Associate Professor of Theatre and American Studies

122. Judith Schrempf-Stirling, Associate Professor of Management

123. Matthew Lowder, Assistant Professor of Psychology

124. April Hill, Professor of Biology

125. Sara Hanson, Assistant Professor of Marketing

126. Diana Trinh, Office of International Education

127. Abdullah Kumas, Assistant Professor of Accounting

128. Michele Cox, Director of Study Abroad

129. Lisa Miles, Associate Director, Common Ground

130. Ted Peebles, Director, Intensive Spanish Language Program

131. Stephen Tallman, E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Professor of Business

132. Malcolm Hill, Professor of Biology

133. Marti Tomlin, Associate Director-Recreation & Wellness

134. Ashley Austin, Assistant Professor of Accounting

135. Bedelia Richards, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

136. Lynda Kachurek, Head of Rare Books & Special Collections, Boatwright Library

137. Tanja Softic, Professor of Art

138. Brian Henry, Professor of Creative Writing & English

139. Tricia Stohr-Hunt, Assistant Professor of Education

140. Kristine Nolin, Associate Professor of Chemistry

141. KimMarie McGoldrick, Professor of Economics

142. Ellen Sayles, Associate Dean, Director of Education Abroad

143. Andrew Frank, Access Services Librarian

144. Deborah Napoli, Director of Field Placement, Education Department

145. Tom Shields, Chair, Graduate Education and Associate Professor of Education

146. Timothy Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Economics

147. Diane Kellogg, Director, Chemical Instrumentation

148. Clark Williams, Professor of Law

149. Abigail Cheever, Associate Professor of English and Film Studies

150. Randy Rosenberger, Visiting Lecturer in Management

151. Kimberly O’Hare, Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Provost

152. Shani Buchholz, Assistant to the Dean of International Education

153. Shari Motro, Professor of Law

154. Tracy Cauthorn, Administrative Specialist Fac. Development & Academic Affairs

155. Laura A. Webb, Associate Professor of Legal Writing

156. Scott T. Allison, Professor of Psychology

157. Barry Lawson, Professor of Computer Science

158. James H. Hall, Thomas Professor of Philosophy, emeritus.

159. Laura Browder, Professor of American Studies and English

160. Ashley Vavra, Law Library Associate

161. Miriam K. Blackmon, Program Asst, Institute on Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies

162. Tammy Alexander, Academic Advisor, School of Professional & Continuing Studies

163. Debbie Fisher, Associate Director, The Richmond MBA

164. Emily Martin, Advisor, Office of Financial Aid

165. Erin R. Collins, Assistant Professor of Law

166. Lester Caudill, Associate Professor of Mathematics

167. Tom Mullen, Journalism Department and Office of the Chaplaincy

168. Ann C. Hodges, Professor of Law

169. Monika Kukar-Kinney, Professor of Marketing

170. Jim Monks, Professor of Economics

171. Collin Rabe, Assistant Professor of Economics

172. Lisa Jobe-Shields, Assistant Professor of Psychology

173. Emily D. Fontaine, Operations Assistant, Office of Financial Aid

174. Elizabeth Ransom, Associate Professor of Sociology

175. Sue Young, Sr. Assistant Director, Office of Financial Aid

176. Marcie Hampton, Operations Assistant, Office of Financial Aid

177. Carolyn Bristow Foster, Office of Admission

178. Carol Lancaster, Associate Professor of Finance

179. Marilyn Hesser, Senior Associate Director of Admission

180. Abbie Handford, Financial Aid Advisor

181. Julie Du Pont, Admission Counselor, Office of Admission

182. Terri Moore, Administrative Coordinator, Office of Admission

183. Michael Leopold, Professor of Chemistry

184. Craig Kocher, University Chaplain

185. Julia Burke, Program Manager, Education

186. Carole Yeatts, Director, Career Development Office, School of Law

187. Jessica Erickson, Professor of Law

188. Kathleen Roberts Skerrett, University Professor

189. Katie Fauth, Program Coordinator, Partners in the Arts

190. Phyllis Katz, Adjunct Professor, Law and SCPS

191. Travis Smith, Resource Sharing, Boatwright Library

192. Laura Thompson, Assistant Dean, Robins School of Business

193. Hope N. Walton, Director of Academic Skills

194. Karina Vázquez, Latin American, Latino & Iberian Studies

195. Betsy Powell Mullen, Journalism Department

196. Violet Ho, Associate Professor of Management

197. Lewis Barnett, Associate Professor of Computer Science

198. Doron Samuel-Siegel, Associate Professor of Legal Writing

199. David Brandenberger, Professor of History

200. Margaret Ann B. Walker, Asst. Professor for Academic Success

201 Tom Campagnoli, Library Systems Administrator

202. Nathaniel Ayers, Visualization and Web Designer

203. Kimberly Wolfe, Resource Sharing Specialist, Boatwright Library

204. Maren Reiner, Director of Biological Instruction

205. Lázaro Lima, Associate Provost, E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Chair in the Liberal Arts, Professor of Latin American, Latino and Iberian Studies, Professor of American Studies

206. Françoise Ravaux-Kirkpatrick, Professor of French and Film Studies

207. Timothy Barney, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies

208. Aurora Hermida Ruiz, Associate Professor of Spanish

209. Danica Jade Rios, Manager of Administrative and Technical Services - SPCS

210. Sherry Ceperich, Staff Psychologist, CAPS

211. Eva Hageman, Postdoctoral Fellow in Rhetoric and Communication Studies

212. Jean LB Creamer, Assistant Registrar

213. Chris Klein, Associate Director of Study Abroad

214. Amy Gallagher, Operations Coordinator, Annual Giving

215. Anne Martin, Assist. Director of Class Giving, Advancement Dept.

216. Robert Galgano, Adjunct Instructor of History

217. Wendy Burchard, Strategic Sourcing Manager

218. Jeffrey Riehl, Associate Professor of Music

219. Michelle L. Rahman, Associate Dean for Law School Admissions

220. Ebony Kirkland, Administrative Coordinator, Community Relationships and UR Downtown

221. Shakun Mago, Associate Professor of Economics

222. Natalia Green, Director of Parking and Transportation Services

223. Sydney Watts, Associate Professor of History

224. Daniel Hocutt, Web Manager & Adjunct Professor, School of Professional & Continuing Studies

225. Sara Pappas, Associate Professor of French

226. Ted Bunn, Associate Professor and Chair, Physics Department

227. Rob Andrejewski, Director of Sustainability

228. Ashleigh Brock, Associate Director of Experiential Learning & Assessment, Alumni & Career Services

229. Annemarie Weitzel, Bursar

230. Walt Stevenson, Associate Professor of Classical Studies

231. Sheila Carapico, Professor of Political Science and International Studies

232. Haley Harwell, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies

233. Tamar Schwartz, Associate Professor of Legal Writing

234. Chuck Mike, Associate Professor, Dept. of Theatre and Dance

235. Kristine Grayson, Assistant Professor of Biology

236. Louis Schwartz, Professor of English

237. Jane Geaney, Professor of Religious Studies

238. Bill Rawluk, Parking Enforcement Officer

239. Joy Caporale, Chancellor's Office

240. Kathryn Fallen, Office of Admission

241. Sylvia Gale, Director, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

242. Leah Downey, Administrative Assistant, Alumni Events

243. Genna Mirenda, Operations Coordinator, School of Law Advancement

244. Dan Durant, Budget Analyst

245. Dustin Engels, Senior Research Analyst

246. Debbie Coward, Scheduling Coordinator

247. Melanie Hillner, Science Librarian

248. Irina Rogova, Project Archivist, Race & Racism at the University of Richmond Project

249. Marya Kravets, Gift Entry and Records Coordinator
250. Pam Kelleher, Assistant Director, Donor Relations

251. Robert K. Nelson, Director, Digital Scholarship Lab

252. Tracy Cassalia, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students

253. Taene Britt, Purchasing Card Administrator

254. Thelma Stockton, Purchasing Card Coordinator

255. Bill Cooper, University Professor

256. Spencer Percy, Assistant Director, Spider Club

257. Gina Flanagan, Assistant to the Vice President, Enrollment Management

258. Emily White, Assistant Director of Class Giving

259. Brannon McDaniel, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

260. Kristen Ball, Senior Associate Registrar

261. Rhonda McIlwain, Gift Planning Officer
262. Emily Humberson, Writer & Acknowledgement Coordinator

263. Adrien Arnold, Grants Research Specialist

264. Connor Wilson, UR Online Operations Specialist

265. Robb Moore, Assistant Vice President, Advancement Systems

266. Patricia Joy Johnson Brown, Sr. Associate Dean in SPCS

267. Erin Lowery, Assistant Director, Alumni & Career Services

268. Kirsten Petrocelli, Director of Operations & Strategic Initiatives, School of Arts & Sciences

269. Bryan C. Figura, Associate Director of Operations, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

270. Rhonda Lambert Parson, Administrative Assistant, Foundation, Corp. & Govt Relations

271. Mary Maxwell, Assistant Director of Prospect Research

272. Sarah Abubaker, Director, Advancement Operations

273. Derek Toro, Senior Network Programmer, Information Services

274. Michelle Wamsley, Assistant Vice President, Foundation, Corporate & Gov. Relations

275. Terry Sylvester, Major Gift Officer, Advancement

276. Meg Pevarski, Assistant Director for the Center for Student Involvement

277. Chrissy Martinez, Administrative Coordinator, Center for Student Involvement

278. Heather Krajewski, Assistant Vice President, Advancement

279. Vittoria Tripp, Budget and Operations Coordinator, Center for Student Involvement

280. Hilary Brown, Assistant Director of Donor Relations, Office of Advancement

281. Shannon Hooker, Assistant Director, Modlin Center for the Arts

282. Caroline Steadman, Assistant Director of Class Giving

283. Suzanne J. Kallighan, Associate Bursar

284. Sara-Kate Parker, Assistant Director of Career Services

285. Thad Williamson, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies

286. Mickie Campos, Administrative Coordinator, Career Services

287. Molly Shoop, Area Coordinator, Residence Life and Undergraduate Student Housing

288. Elizabeth Donaldson, Director, Prospect Research

289. Brenda Thomas, Director of Grant Support, Foundation, Corporate & Gov. Relations

290. Kim Catley, Senior Writer/Editor, University Communications

291. Anna Young, Assistant Director, Alumni & Career Services

292. Brendan Halligan, Assistant Director, Alumni & Career Services

293. Andrea J. Vickery, Visiting Lecturer, Rhetoric and Communication Studies

294. Lauren Tolson, User Support Specialist, Boatwright Library

295. Krittika Onsanit, Director,International Student & Scholar Services, Office of International Education

296. Sybil Fellin, Data Analyst, Financial Planning and Budget

297. Adrienne Piazza, Associate Director, Student Engagement, and Director, Bonner Scholars Program, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

298. Tara Casey, Director, Carrico Center for Pro Bono & Public Service

299. Laura Krajewski, Director, Alumni Relations

300. Martha Wright, University Museums

301. Nancy Propst, Administrative Coordinator, Geography & the Environment, Interdisciplinary Programs

302. Joshua M. Jeffreys, Interim Jewish Life Advisor

303. Mary Kelly Tate, Director, Institute for Actual Innocence, Clinical Professor of Law, University of Richmond School of Law

304. Kristen Day Ph.D., Counseling and Psychological Services

305. Yucel Yanikdag, Associate Professor of History and International Studies

306. Laura Runyen-Janecky, Professor of Biology

307. Samuel Abrash, Associate Professor of Chemistry

308. Blake Stack, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

309. Margaret Ivey Bacigal, Director, Clinical Placement Program School of Law

310. Dorothy Holland, Department of Theatre and Dance and Women Gender & Sexuality Studies

311. Steve Bisese, Vice President for Student Development

312. Cindy M. Bukach, Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

313. Lauren Tilton, Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities

314. Nate Crozier, Executive Director of Admissions

315. Britnie Hopkins, Sexual Misconduct Education and Prevention Coordinator

316. Tinina Cade, Ph.D, Associate Vice President for Student Development

317. Ernest McGowen, Associate Professor of Political Science

318. Paul Brockwell Jr., Digital Content Specialist, University Communications

319. Omar A. Quintero, Assistant Professor of Biology

320. Lidia Radi, Associate Professor of French and Italian Languages, Literatures and Cultures

321. Elizabeth Kissling, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Applied Linguistics

322. Eric Anthony Grollman, Assistant Professor of Sociology

323. Laura E. Knouse, Associate Professor of Psychology

324. Elizabeth Outka, Associate Professor of English

325. Andy McGraw, Associate Professor, Music

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