The Collegian
Tuesday, June 25, 2024

What is your Spider Spirit personality?

Take the quiz and find out!

1. On a Saturday morning you are most excited for:

a. the football game

b. sleeping in

c. tailgate

2. In Boatwright, you prefer to sit:

a. in the quiet section

b. where no one can find you

c. on the second floor

3. Your magazine of choice is:

a. Newsweek

b. Vanity Fair

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c. People

4. Your Richmond bumper sticker:

a. reads 'Richmond'

b. is a picture of the crest

c. reads 'The University of Richmond'

5. Your favorite building on campus is:

a. The Robins Center

b. North Court

c. The Commons

6. Your favorite ice cream flavor is:

a. Rocky Road

b. Pralines and Cream

c. Chocolate Chip

7. On campus you like to eat:

a. At D-hall

b. At 8:15

c. At The Pier

8. Your iPod plays mostly:

a. Kanye West

b. Fiona Apple

c. Eddie Money

9. You like:

a. Spider burgers

b. Spider webs

c. SpiderBytes

10. If you were a city, you would be:

a. New York City

b. Paris

c. Washington D.C.

If you marked:

Mostly A's: You are a Tarantula!

At this school, you mean business. Just like the large hairy spider, your presence on campus is difficult to ignore. Your spirit oozes like the poisonous venom that spews from your fangs. Although some of you can be aggressive, most of you are docile unless provoked. This weekend, remember the red and blue face paint. Some famous Richmond Tarantulas include: Tim Hightower, Robert S. Ukrop and Leland Melvin.

Mostly B's: You are a Black Widow!

Just like the little red spot on your shiny black abdomen, you add a special flair to everything you do on campus. Although your presence is not as flagrant as the tarantula's, you are one of the most influential members of the campus community. This weekend, remember your camera. Famous Black Widows include: Frederic W. Boatwright, William E. Cooper and Collegian staff members.

Mostly C's: You are a Daddy Longlegs!

When people envision the Richmond Spiders, they often think of you. Your nickname, Cellar Spider, is especially appropriate, since you often hang out there. Your spirit is most apparent when you are within your social web. This weekend, remember the solo cups. Famous Daddy Longlegs include: Edward Ayers, Carol Weinstein and Kevin Kuswa.

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