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Thursday, December 08, 2022

D-Hall to go?

I don't go to D-Hall too much these days. Blame it on the "trayless everydays" scare, the long lunch lines or maybe that the Mongolian Grill has lost much of its luster after three years. But when I happened by for a quick bite this past week, I noticed something new.

D-Hall to go? Oh yes, you heard it right. Something I personally have been waiting a long time for. And on the surface the idea sounds great. Pop in, grab some pizza, some pasta, maybe a couple dozen ice cream sammies and be on your way. It's especially convenient for the apartment crowd with fridges to save some for later. But like a lot of things here at Richmond, something in the planning process went awry -- a good idea, poor execution.

For starters, the to-go option enforces some strict limits on what you can and cannot take. Two entrees, just a little bit of fruit and one drink. Maximum weight: 28 oz. And yes, they weigh it before you leave just to make sure you didn't go over.

If you're over the max, you're forced to go back and start over again, or risk not getting your Spidercard returned. Yes, they make you leave your Spidercard at the register for collateral. Really? A word to Dining Services: We're pretty much adults here. We're not gonna try and scam you out of some extra food just to stick it to The Man (except if it's ice cream sammies -- I'll steal those until my pockets explode with chocolate goodness).

The whole weigh-before-you-leave and Spidercard collateral system just puts unnecessary restrictions on the to-go venture. In terms of convenience, I can't imagine somebody choosing this option for a quick meal over the Pier. It's just a roundabout way to approach things.

So please, Dining Services, rethink this whole D-Hall-to-go thing. If kids want to take three entrees instead of two, let them. If they want to get in and out of D-Hall without having their Spidercards held hostage, let them. If they get a few ounces over 28, by all means, just let them. And if all of these restrictions are just more concerns about waste, here's a bit of knowledge from a fourth-year student. At college, extra food will inevitably get eaten by someone. Leave an old D-Hall steak in the fridge, and odds are someone with the munchies is gonna dig in eventually.

So Dining Services: relax the rules, and this whole to-go idea will turn from a good one to a great one. On another note, when's the next sushi night?

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