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Thursday, December 08, 2022

Find the "extreme croquet"

It was almost a year ago when I first met members of the "Extreme Croquet Club of Richmond" playing on the Westhampton Green. I was standing under a tree on a cold, rainy Sunday when I heard the now familiar crack of a croquet mallet hitting a croquet ball. I looked over at the group and watched wondering who would want to be outside on a day like that.

I struck up a conversation and they told me they were out every single Sunday morning no matter what the weather was like. I figured I would never hear from them again, but I knew there was something unique about their commitment to croquet and to each other ... especially as a freshman. I spent that year trying to maneuver between old friends at home and new friends at school, but feeling like neither were truly constant in my life. That was before I committed myself to everything imaginable ... and here I am today, just livin' life.

Fast-forward a year to this semester, the second of my sophomore year, and the second time I've had the pleasure of watching legit croquet on our campus. As I drove all over looking for the elusive group, I almost started to think that they had finally decided to peace out of each others lives for good ... that croquet just wasn't cool any more. I asked one of the maintenance men about the group and less than one minute later I had found the men in front of the Jepson Alumni Center. While I walked up to the group of five, I heard them going back and forth about the next shot:

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