The Collegian
Saturday, April 20, 2024

Michael Rogers

Life in slow motion

It's safe to say that I hated this school one year ago. For lots of reasons, I also hated the insecurity I felt within myself. There is nothing like being in a city, state or nation where you don't know a single person.

What's up Richmond?

The other day I revealed to my mom the philosophy of my life: my faith in God, love of people and desire for productivity.

The Music of Itchy Hearts

So here I was on the corner of Broad and Madison Street Friday night listening to four people in a folk(ish) band scream my name aloud in front of about 15 people with crowds nearby. I thought to myself, "Now this is really something that would never happen on our campus: There are four college-aged people playing acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, violin and accordion and stomping on a hubcap for percussion." I hadn't really planned on getting called out, but then again, I don't usually plan on these sorts of things (not that I really could), and quite frankly, it made my night. My mom always said it was one of her biggest regrets of parenting -- that she didn't make us learn to play an instrument.

Just livin' life

I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest with myself during the last year and a half of college.

Snaps For Rules

During the last week, while Israel attacked Palestine, drug lords pushed Mexico deeper into political disarray and the FDA discovered salmonella in my peanut butter (knock on wood), someone on this campus was stressing out about balloons. "Are there going to be enough?" "Why are you asking me?

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