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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Straight Out of Compton (Vol. 2)

Top 10 Themes the Lodges SHOULD have, because who doesn't enjoy a good themed party?

10. Beauty and the Geek. Self-explanatory; watch the show for inspiration. Bonus: Whoever is working the list asks IQ quiz questions in order to allow entrance to the lodge (just kidding, that would be really annoying).

9. Saturday Night Live. Though I'm not a big fan of Saturday night lodges (Sundays are kind of imperative), the opportunity to dress as any Saturday Night Live skit would be tempting. Suggestions: Sarah Palin, Two Wild and Crazy Guys.

8. Courtesy of the University of Tulsa, Rubik's Cube. Go out wearing articles of clothing of all different colors, come home wearing an outfit composed of only one color. (Note: Interchanging of clothes should clearly be done in a discreet and tasteful fashion).

7. Twins. Dress to match a friend. Good bonding experience, and no worries if you see someone else wearing the same outfit as you. Bonus: Dress as famous twins. Shotty on Mary-Kate.

6. In an effort to legitimize all the photos that appear on Facebook on Sundays, Celebrities and Paparazzi. Think Lindsay Lohan, not Britney Spears, since no one needs to attack anyone with a baseball bat.

5. East Coast vs. West Coast. Though I'm a Midwesterner myself and hate to encourage glorification of the coasts, this theme clearly has good outfit options. Whether you dress according to fashion (think The Hills vs. the City) or according to hip-hop rivalry (I'll be dressing straight out of Compton, thank you), the options are endless.

4. In accordance with D-Hall's efforts to do so, Go Green - only wear recyclable materials. Keep in mind that your outfit may deteriorate; wear appropriate underclothes.

3. Hometown Pride. So, where are you from? We've all answered this question, and I think it's time we have an opportunity to dress accordingly. I'm ready with my Cardinals hat, and just so you know, I won't be dancing with any Cubs or Red Sox fans.

2. It would be like, so random ... Povo Public Schools vs. Private Schools. Shout-out to Summer Heights High, and remember, "just because you go to a public school and you're povo, doesn't mean you can't have fun." Suggestion: Sign each other's uniforms.

1. Bias Response Team. Don't wear anything derogatory; be proud to be yourself.

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