The Collegian
Sunday, February 25, 2024

Susie Compton

German theater class puts on play

German Drama and Performance, taught by Professor Martin Sulzer-Reichel, spent the semester preparing the play "An Der Arche Um Acht," which the students performed Wednesday, April 22.

Guster last played in Richmond at Toad's Place in October 2007.

What Guster song are you?

Take this quiz to find out which Guster song represents your personality, and then listen for it during the concert this Friday! 1.

Straight out of Compton (Vol. 4)

What was last Friday? It was "the night the lodge went wrong." For some, the complications of a lodge being shut down ruined the night, but I had ended up experiencing the joy of random fun.

Straight Out of Compton (Vol. 3)

As I thought about things I wanted to write about this week, I was struck by how most "opinions" people (including myself, not going to lie) tend to revolve around complaining about something.

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