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Friday, August 12, 2022

Straight Out of Compton (Vol. 3)

As I thought about things I wanted to write about this week, I was struck by how most "opinions" people (including myself, not going to lie) tend to revolve around complaining about something. Granted, opinions usually address an issue someone has with something and can be a legitimate mode of instigating change, but I've recently been struck by the bad effect complaining can have on the mood of everyone around you.

I could talk about ETC's worthless weekend hours (so not convenient), or how I wish there were more places to find fountain Diet Coke on campus (basically there should be a fountain installed in LoRo), or even just rant about how stupidly unpredictable Virginia weather is (i.e., the fact that I put on Uggs and a fleece one morning earlier this week, only to walk to brunch and discover that it was 60 degrees outside). These are everyday complaints which, believe me, I would be capable of discussing for eons. But honestly, would anyone else care? No.

Now, I don't want to get the Negative Nancies out there all up in arms, because obviously we all have those days. That's what the Reese's from the Pier stashed under your bed are for. I just hope to encourage people to take control of their own moods -- even if you get out of your 11:15 a.m. two minutes late, adding like, 17 minutes to your wait in the Pier line, at least that's 17 minutes you can spend talking to whomever you're waiting with. Because just as the stupid little things can ruin a day, stupid little things can put me in the most euphoric mood.

When the bells played "Moon River" last week, I almost died of happiness. My mom sent me an e-mail telling me she thought this column was "so fetch ... the Midwest references espesh," which obviously made me laugh. Every time I see a package slip in my mailbox, life is good. The comfy leggings and sweater combo? Clearly can't go wrong.

And please, when it's someone else's bad mood that's bringing you down ... don't let it. I'm all for empathy, and I truly understand the need to vent (believe me, I call my mom constantly. She probably knows more Richmond drama than Juicy Campus did, R.I.P.) but just remember that venting should ease your stress, not add to someone else's.

Now, if you really are unhappy, I feel you, but let me just throw out some tips to brighten your day. Wallow with others at Get in bed (I suggest flannel sheets for optimal snuggling) and watch "Wedding Crashers." Host a one-on-one dance party with yourself -- Girl Talk's "Bounce That" is prime. And maybe they are fake (whatever, Michael Gaynor), but listen to the bells.

They're stellar.

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