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Saturday, July 04, 2020

Flavor of the Week: Nanking

7408 W. Broad St.

The fortune cookie gods have got it right because Nanking restaurant off of Broad Street is an idyllic setting to ignore those 12 papers and 82 missed workouts in your life and chow on some Chinese food.

Now, before any purists get in a tizzy, I will admit that Nanking's cuisine is actually Chinese-American and has almost zero authenticity to it. But it's also not your local greasy chopstick, fit only for takeout and overdosing on MSG. Nanking's menu is classic Lo Mein, General Tsao's Chicken and the like, but it tastes fresher, more savory and overall, yummier.

The interior is also jazzed up, without emanating the generic and pretentious mien of chains like P.F. Chang's. Avert your eyes from the gaudy neon lighting outside because inside you'll find cozy booths and rich wood furnishings, a fresh flower at every table and a flat screen TV frozen on ESPN.

There's a full bar where locals (that's right, it is possible to eat a meal within a five-mile radius of campus without seeing that guy from CORE) love to hang out, enjoy the Jaegermeister on tap and chat with the friendly staff. My recommendation: the Wonton soup, best ordered by the tub.

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