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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Maria Ribas

Text hall of shame

(609): Senioritis has reached an all time worst (or best): just went to the cellar and chugged a beer on my 15 min break from class (606): is it sad were texting from one room apart? (709): I think were badass mothereffin deejays (201): dude, huge dilemma.

Pig Roast 2010 Timeline

8 a.m. - Find pastels; place them on your body. 8:30 a.m. - Splatter said pastels with champagne and orange juice.

Behind the syllabus: Ellis West

What do you do during the weekends? I do whatever my wife wants me to do, which ranges from working on projects in and around the house to going to cultural events like music concerts. What's the craziest thing you did when you were in college? The riskiest thing I did was hitchhike a few times between the University of Richmond and my home 700 miles away in West Tennessee.

A medley of art performances honor John Cage

A celebration of the artist and composer John Cage, which featured music, dance and theater performances, was held at Camp Concert Hall in the Booker Hall of Music last night. "It will touch upon John Cage's influences on the visual arts, music, composition, writing, theatre and dance," said Heather Campbell, curator of museum programs.

Richmond gets 300K grant for biology and chemistry

The National Science Foundation has awarded the University of Richmond a $300,000 grant for the purchase of a computer cluster for biology, chemistry and materials science. Carol Parish, a chemistry professor, led the effort to write a proposal that explained the importance of increasing computational capacity and described the research into computational chemistry and biology that could be done with the grant. The proposal was researched and written with the help of faculty from Richmond and other universities, who will also benefit by using the computer cluster via the Internet.

Text hall of shame

(551): yo on the dl...check out the dude with the ponytail..somebody has to get with that (212): that's a girl, stop drinking (212): the tricky part with me coming over there is that don't wish to have sexual reelations with you (609): playing scrabble and having wild sex, what else (515): soungs good.

Behind the syllabus: Stephen Long

What do you do during the weekends? My wife and I had our first child (a boy, Grant Thomas Long) in December, so my weekends nowadays are taken up playing with our son, changing his diapers, trying to catch up on lost sleep and sometimes having a conversation or two with my wife when one of us isn't occupied with Grant.

Text hall of shame

(440): just got a ride back to my dorm in the bed of a papa johns delivery truck. (607): disgusting mustachioed dude is here, beware (607): he was at the lodge?! luckeeeee.

Behind the syllabus: Steve Nash

What do you do during the weekends? Find some jazz, go hiking with my wife and pester my Chicago and New York offspring via iChat -- or in person when I can. What's the craziest thing you did when you were in college? I commuted by motorcycle to UCLA from a cool place at the beach, just south of Malibu: my old, inert Ford station wagon.

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