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Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Rocky Horror Picture Show — and movie

When the Rocky Horror Picture Show plays on the big screen at Movieland, Orgasmic Rush of Lust, a troupe made up of young groupies, will bring the film's characters to real life for a midnight audience.

OROL, Richmond's only active shadow cast for the film, travels from theater to theater nearly every week reenacting the Rocky Horror Picture Show for diehard fans and RHPS-"virgins" alike, yanking the 1975 cult classic right into 3-D. Tonight at midnight they will perform at Movieland, taking their sassy heckling, drag, sequined lipstick, and golden hot pants back to the theater floor. While Tim Curry as the hedonistic Dr. Frank-N-Furter brings his hypermasculine boy-toy creation, Rocky, to life, the cast members will dance and sing below him, slinging insults at the screen and encouraging the audience to do the same.

The movie has played continuously in theaters since its premiere in 1975. Almost since the beginning, troupes across the globe have stepped up to parallel the film in theaters or act it out on stage. The performance is raunchy and sexual, mimicking the mannerisms of the original Tranny from Transylvania.

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