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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

First impressions of London

During my second week of studying abroad at Goldsmiths, in London, I've already come across some big differences between being here and being at Richmond:

Cooking for myself. With no D-Hall and no Pier to rely on, it's been a lot of cereal, PB and J and heating things up in the microwave. Luckily, when that gets boring, there's a ton of kebab places right near our flat. I hope to get more creative with cooking as the semester goes on!

The walking. Obviously we walk all over campus at Richmond, but to get anywhere else we need a car! I've found that I love walking right off campus into an urban area - and for going into central London, we use the Underground.

The classes. It's the first week of classes, and the big lecture style classes are so different. But they're paired with smaller seminars, so that is something more familiar. They also meet only once a week! Perfect for getting to experience all of London and traveling.

The bathroom. Pro: I have my own. Con: It's the European kind. Just a drain in the floor with a shower curtain wrapped around it. Never did I think I'd rather be in North Court's clogged shower again.

But I guess small prices have to be paid for being only a few Underground stops away from Buckingham Palace.

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