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Friday, April 19, 2024

Elizabeth Hyman

Social networking contributes to alum realty success

University of Richmond graduate Blair Brandt recognized the difficulty his recently graduated friends were having in apartment searching and created a solution to help, which became The Next Step Realty. The company, founded in April, matches recent college graduates with real estate brokers in cities where the apartment searchers have employment, said Brandt, who was a leadership studies major with a business minor.

Historian, professor Holton lectures on Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams was not just a First Lady, but was also an early feminist, learned audience members at Woody Holton's lecture on Sunday afternoon. The lecture, which took place in the Brown-Alley room, was sponsored by the Friends of Boatwright Memorial Library in honor of "Abigail Adams," the new book by the historian and associate professor of history and American studies. Holton told the audience of about 50 people that he had a very canned lecture prepared, which he had already given about 60 times, and so was going to speak about something different, which was Abigail's relationship with the other women in her life. The audience heard how Abigail did not always have a good relationship with her mother, although she did with her two "surrogate mothers," her grandmother and Phoebe, a slave of Abigail's father.

Proclamation revisited

On Sunday, wearing my graduation robe along with the rest of the University of Richmond senior women, going through Proclamation Night for the second time, was a bit surreal. Surreal, because three short years ago we were all wearing white sundresses and writing letters starting with "Dear future self..." For me, and I'm sure for many others, it was surreal for a different reason: Because at my first Proclamation Night, my college experience wasn't what I thought it would be. I hadn't swiftly formed life-long bonds, as my best friends from home and the other girls in my dorm seemed to have done.

Non-art majors display their work

In the quiet of the Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art in the Modlin Center for the Arts lies a variety of artwork: from acrylics on paper and oils on canvas, to pen and ink drawings and charcoals, to photography and ceramics and even a video display. This is the museum's annual student exhibit, where 30 works of art from 27 University of Richmond students, plus alumni, are displayed.

University welcomes new faculty

This year, 14 tenured and tenure-track professors joined the faculty at the University of Richmond, with two professors in the Robins School of Business, two in the T.C.

First impressions of London

During my second week of studying abroad at Goldsmiths, in London, I've already come across some big differences between being here and being at Richmond: Cooking for myself.

Administrators name first-ever general counsel

Shannon Sinclair, the University of Richmond's first general counsel, said what she enjoyed most about working in her area of law was the variety of tasks she could do. "You get to be exposed to so many different areas of law and you get to be helpful to people who are trying to do things the right way," Sinclair said. As the general counsel, or in-house lawyer, Sinclair will act as a legal adviser to the university, she explained. "I'm here to be a sounding board," Sinclair said, "to give advice on anything they need help with.

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