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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Text hall of shame

(703): My moral code. U know...the one that makes me want to organize events like bomo with the blind

(213): I'm standing five feet from DIRT NASTY at a frat concert!

(310): Really?! Try to get in his van after the concert!

(213): Oh yea? So I can get crack rock shoved up my ass when I pass out?!

(331): HAHA OMG he is in the library


(331): he went into ur section

(331): he looks so confused and drunk

(903): he like almost gave me a purple nurple

(903): i was like WTF ARE U DOING

(903): hes u like that baby??

(616): Virgil and I are splitting a handle of crat. It's awesome. Cats have a sick tolerance.

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(585): Yo, come to the stands, the usual spot.

(1-585): Okay, let me piss on this cop car first

(585): When did tailgates lose their innocence?

(1-585): College.

Have outrageous texts from last night? Send them to us at: texthallofshame

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