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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Love is blind (and ill-defined)

I secretly love Crocs. I'm in love with Michael Cera. I love my grandmother. I love when people aren't afraid to admit they watch "Jersey Shore." I love going to the beach, even when it's raining. I love you, opinion section readers, yes I do.

The one thing I don't love is the word love.

Have you ever wondered why we only have one word to describe a strong affection or affinity for someone or something? Isn't it sad that the word we say when we are so passionate about a person is the same word we use when we're eating Chanello's? "I love this sauce. If I could, I'd marry this sauce. Stop hogging the f***ing sauce!"

Living in a dorm full of girls is like living in hell, except instead of the devil, it's PMS, and instead of flames, it's pink everywhere. You can hear virtually everything people say because of the paper-thin walls. I honestly can't tell you how many times I have heard girls say: "K, meet you in D-Hall at 7. Loooooove youuuuu!"

Really? Good for you (I guess), but what does that actually mean? And why is there a need to say it every time?

I'm just curious because, to me, saying "I love _____" too much almost makes the word redundant. If you can love anything, what makes telling a person you're in love with them so special? Cynic much? No, not at all. It's just crazy to me how much we (myself included) use one word to effectively describe a million different levels and types of affections for a single thing or person.

Because we use love in so many ways, it makes love indefinable. "What is love?" That's an age-old question that I don't think we will ever be able to fully figure out or comprehend. Yes, there are certain categories and types of love. To me, this just makes love all the more confusing.

I propose we make some additions to the English language. If "Muggle" can make it in the dictionary, so can a few new words to describe feelings toward things and people. Let's bring back the "I love you" to its purest state, the most sincere way of telling someone how you feel. Everything else, all the other "loves," can become new words or even whole sentences (saying how you actually feel -- oh craaap).

Picture it now: "K, meet you in D-Hall at 7. Lurv you."


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