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Monday, May 20, 2024

Liz Monahan

Refugee from Nepal finds home in Richmond

For most people, the question, "Where do you call home?" is a rather simple one. For Kuldip Acharya, that question is anything but simple. Acharya, a shy-looking young man with dark eyes and a warm smile, can often be seen in the University of Richmond dining hall attending to the needs of hundreds of hungry students each day. Acharya has been working in the Heilman Dining Center since 2008.

Gay-pril is the new April

What happens when you plan a month's worth of activities celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender history and pride in the month of April?

Gay-Pril speech

Who is Keith Boykin?

Keith Boykin doesn't play it safe. One might even question if he knows how. After graduating from Harvard Law School, alongside President Barack Obama, Boykin decided against practicing law like many of his fellow classmates.

When all is said and done...

As I sat at the head of a long table tucked away in the corner of Mom's Siam Thai restaurant, I looked at the young, happy people at my table and couldn't help but feel overwhelmingly drunk.

Fulbright Scholars research, teach while adjusting to Asia

University of Richmond alumni and Fulbright scholarship recipients Becky Stewart, '10, and Nathan Bullock, '10, have spent the last year adapting to life in Asia. Stewart, who is using her Fulbright grant to teach English to grade-school students, is living with a host family in South Korea. Bullock is neither living in a home-stay nor teaching English, but is living and doing research in the heart of Singapore. Fulbright grants, which are funded by the U.S.

Nothing to fear but fear...

There is a force in life that propels us. It persuades us with clear and convincing evidence. It twists our arms until we cry uncle.

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