The Collegian
Saturday, April 13, 2024

Text Hall of Shame

(540): ppl have mistooken the free condoms in dhall atrium 4 candy & tried 2 eat them WTf! I think I may have 2 transfer away, how can u misstake condoms 4 candy??

(818): I hate the small school dramas more than anything I just want to dance on the bar and throw up on a friday night in peace!

(717): shotshotshotshotshotsshotsTERRORISM. Hapeening now.

(931): So how did it go with your mom and the emo kid? Is he going to be your new daddy?

(585): Dude I just took my calc test... wanna blackout this weekend?

(315): whooaaaaaaa, ok i'll do it. but when i feel shitty about having sex with a girl that isnt very cute, im blaming it on you

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