The Collegian
Sunday, June 04, 2023

Text hall of shame

(551): yo on the dl...check out the dude with the ponytail..somebody has to get with that

(212): that's a girl, stop drinking

(212): the tricky part with me coming over there is that don't wish to have sexual reelations with you

(609): playing scrabble and having wild sex, what else

(515): soungs good. Im back at my apt. I had to get tums n meds. death is upon me.

(212): I think its more his humanness than his goodness thats debatable

(315): I resent the insinuation that im crossing species lines, but accept it.

(921): they ran out o beer, thinkng its time to booty call him, input?

(212): No, horrible idea. Just stay at the party and your dignity will stay with you.

(921): hmmmI hear what you are sayig but they ran out of beer

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