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Monday, May 16, 2022


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Text hall of shame

(609): Senioritis has reached an all time worst (or best): just went to the cellar and chugged a beer on my 15 min break from class

(606): is it sad were texting from one room apart?

(709): I think were badass mothereffin deejays

(201): dude, huge dilemma. go to dean's class till 6, or start drinking at noon on st. patty's day?

(585): who says you have to choose

(772): Ewwww, is he foaming at the mouth? You should flour up your nose and try to connect.

(515): he is exposing so many mommy issues right now

(212): Can I tell u what book i realized i've been sitting next beside for the past 24 hours? Serial

killer cinema. I actually hate my life.

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