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Media Timeout: 9/23/2010

• Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid named Michael Vick the starting quarterback Tuesday. Who knew that just a year after signing with the Eagles, previously shunned for his inhumane dog-fighting rings, Vick would be flying high once again? Looks like rock band Florence and the Machine were right in Vick's case: "The dog days are over."

• St. Louis Cardinals infielder Felipe Lopez was released Tuesday, a day after he arrived late for a game against the Florida Marlins. Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak laid down the law like the attendance administrator in an elementary school, saying this was not Lopez's first tardiness offense. To all of the former tardy students out there (myself included), at least whenever we were late, we didn't lose a $1 million salary and $400,000 in plate-appearance bonuses. With the salary he could have earned, he should buy a watch. A really nice Rolex, or even a Timex. Something to take him out to the ball game!

• The University of Mississippi, or rather, Ole Miss, administrators announced a ban on the sale of merchandise emblazoned with former mascot Colonel Reb, part of a longstanding plan to revamp the university's image. Because Colonel Reb happens to symbolize the antebellum plantation owner, he has a certain stigma attached to him. While I don't necessarily agree with all of the things Ole Miss stands for, I do think that taking away a unique mascot from a tradition-fraught college campus is an atrocity. And now ESPN and Facebook launched campaigns for "Star Wars" character Admiral Ackbar as the new mascot of Ole Miss?! If Admiral Ackbar wins the vote, goodbye Southern charm and hello nerdy technology.

• Sources say Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony may be courting the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and New Jersey Nets in a trade battle. Sounds like Melo is trying to have the same hype as rival LeBron had in July. Though I doubt that Melo will host his own "decision" during primetime television. And if he does, don't cut into my "Glee" time.

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