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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Amelia Vogler

Bottle up your unnecessary spending

"Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink." One of the most famous lines in poetry, from English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," is eerily applicable and ironic to the world's struggle to find clean water. I read Katie Toussaint's column, "The Truth about Tap Water" from last week, and I agree with and applaud her.

Stellar sports memories relived

It's the fourth quarter for my fellow Collegian seniors and me. I'm sure Papa Spear and the rest of the journalism department had a collective cringe with my lede, which began with probably the most cliche saying in sports, but it's true.

Service in New Orleans offers spring break alternative

Many University of Richmond students eagerly anticipate an exotic, beach spring break vacation. Or perhaps many are traveling down to New Orleans for the creme de la creme of college spring breaks: Mardi Gras. But one group of Richmond students will forgo many stereotypical college spring breaks for one of service.

Media Timeout: 3/3/2011

? The Washington Redskins cut one of its more charismatic and productive players Monday when the front office released runningback Clinton Portis.

Shells sets records, but wants more

Senior guard Brittani Shells makes breaking records look as easy as her signature reverse finger-roll layup. Shells became the University of Richmond women's basketball team's second all-time leading scorer on Senior Day on Saturday against St.

Playing into the golden years

Senior Day, the ubiquitous rite of passage for athletes, evokes nostalgia and releases a flood of memories. Though my last Senior Day was in high school, a few weeks ago during intramural basketball playoffs, I had extreme deja vu.

Media Timeout: 2/17/2011

? The dog days are over for the Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Michael Vick. The front office tagged Vick with franchise status on Tuesday.

Law students, undergrads reach out to community through Street Law

Students from the T.C. Williams School of Law and undergraduate students are taking to the streets. Street Law is a program sponsored by the law school that teaches elementary, middle and high school students how the legal system works in their everyday lives. Tom Liu, a second-year law student, is the current president of Street Law. He said the students involved in the program travel to three different sites within the community, the North Richmond YMCA, the Tuckahoe Family YMCA and the Friends Center, to educate youth about the legal system, focusing on their rights and responsibilities. "The program is also meant to empower [youth] when they feel those rights are being violated," he said.

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