In light of recent breaking-and-entering reports on campus, the University of Richmond housing department will change all locks on the doors of the University Forest Apartments, said Carolyn Bigler, assistant director of undergraduate student housing.

"We're going to be issuing new keys for all residents, and the work will be done within the next two weeks," Bigler said.

The schedule for the lock changes is as follows:

* Apartment blocks 100 through 1100 will be changed on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

* Apartment blocks 1200 through 2100 will be changed on Thursday, Nov. 4.

If no one is at the residence when the locks are changed, students can pick up their new keys from the housing office located in the Whitehurst building.

Bigler said that facilities would change the locks on both the front and back doors of all residences.

Students are encouraged to use the deadbolts when they lock their doors, Bigler said.

"If students ever question the security of the doors on their apartments, they are encouraged to contact facilities and address all concerns," Bigler said.

Housing asks all students to return their old apartment keys to the housing office in Whitehurst 103.

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