The Collegian
Monday, May 20, 2024

Fred Shaia

Housing Department to change all UFA locks

In light of recent breaking-and-entering reports on campus, the University of Richmond housing department will change all locks on the doors of the University Forest Apartments, said Carolyn Bigler, assistant director of undergraduate student housing. "We're going to be issuing new keys for all residents, and the work will be done within the next two weeks," Bigler said. The schedule for the lock changes is as follows: * Apartment blocks 100 through 1100 will be changed on Wednesday, Nov.

Update: Safety Shuttle to permanently transport RC men

On Oct. 13, a new regulation permitted Richmond College men to use the on-campus Safety Shuttle. This initiative is one of many responses to the aberrantly high number of on-campus assaults reported since the beginning of the semester, said University of Richmond Police Capt.

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