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Friday, June 09, 2023

Guilty of game-day hill trespassing

I normally don't make bets.

In fact, I rarely do, partially because I hate being wrong and partially because I don't like giving myself swirlies.

But, when a friend of mine guaranteed me that he and I would be kicked off the hill outside of the football stadium for trying to watch the game, I knew I had to challenge his bet.

So there we were, game day, Richmond vs. Coastal Carolina, and all I could think about as we marched up the hill next to the stadium was how I couldn't believe I was wasting my time getting a response to a question that I already knew the answer to.

That's where I was wrong.

Within a split second after we turned on the hill to face the stadium, a friendly man in a yellow shirt turned to my friend and me and said, "Keep it moving, guys." Wide-eyed with surprise, I asked, "Why?" He said, "Because it's the law."

After exchanging a quick glance with my friend (who had a big fat grin on his face, I might add), I looked back to the friendly man in yellow to confirm what he had just said. "Ah, I'm just kidding," he said. "It's not a law. But really, you guys can't stay here."

He then explained how although he didn't really see the point in why he had to enforce the rule, one quick glance over his shoulder at the cops behind him gave me the impression that he was just doing what he was told to do.

After thanking the man for his time, my friend and I retreated down the hill and entered the game legally after presenting our tickets and SpiderCards.

I couldn't believe that I had been wrong. We had been asked to leave the hill for no reason other than "that's how it is."

I was dumbfounded by the incident and felt like I was eight years old again, asking my mom why I couldn't get my ears pierced, just to be told, "Because I said so."

What I want to know is who decides the rules for the game day procedure, and more importantly, why can't you stand on that god-forsaken hill?

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Is it because it will cause total anarchy, with students, alumni and other Spider supporters running amok, scaling the fences and blocking major pathways with the force of a thousand raging bulls?

Is it because David Anderton isn't the only one pissed off that no one sits in the student section anymore? Is it because the school wants to make money off of tickets, thus making it "illegal" to stand on the hill?

Who knows? I sure don't. All I heard was that it is how it is because someone's not sure why but he's just doing his job.

Consider the following as reasons why I think we should be allowed to stand on the hill:

First, consider students with busy schedules. Say you really wanted to see the game, but you have a meeting smack dab in the middle of it.

So you go for the first quarter and leave for your meeting.

You come back for the final quarter and whadaya know, you can't get back in.

Why? Because a different friendly person in a yellow shirt said you can't.

Wouldn't it be so nice for that student to be able to walk right on up the hill next to the stadium and be able to cheer on his or her team with Spider-born and Spider-bred pride? I would like to think so.

Also, consider that the view from the student section isn't exactly what I would call ideal.

What's so wrong with wanting a view from a location that doesn't put your eyes at risk for serious retina sunburn?

I'll admit, I don't understand football, but I've been to every game this season and can honestly say I still don't understand a thing.

Can I blame that 100 percent on not being able to see the field properly? No. Is it a contributing factor? I guarantee it.

Consider people with social anxieties and fear of large crowds.

Is it really necessary to force them to read the score instead of see it with their own, slightly nervous eyes or worse, be subjected to a level five panic attack in the midst of so many Spiders? (OK, so that one is a little case-specific, but I think you get my point that the list could go on and on as to why people would benefit from the option of being able to take a look from the hill.)

I have a hunch that the university's major fear is that by letting people stand on the hill, the stadium will start to look empty. I don't think that would happen at all.

But hey, look at me here, trying to figure out why Richmond won't let us on the hill. I shouldn't have to investigate why I can't stand somewhere. I should be given an explanation.

So here it is, Richmond, my official question:

To whom it may concern,

Can you please explain to me why I lost my bet?

With the utmost sincerity,

Liz Monahan

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