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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Prince William isn't the only person talking about marriage

It might be because I've been listening to Taylor Swift's new album on repeat since it came out, or perhaps it's the fact that I shopped online for wedding dresses yesterday during chapter with my roommate, or maybe it's because the last thing my apartmentmate and I did before bed last night was snuggle into the covers with my laptop on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring, but marriage is definitely in the air this week (and by week I mean the last three years of my life).

Don't get me wrong, I am thoroughly enjoying college, and I have every intention of graduating, going to grad school and working at least two terribly depressing jobs before I finally settle down, but there is definitely something about the notion of having an impeccably clean household with two kiddies running around (Garrett and Leslie, ages 8 and 5 respectively), preparing dinner at 6 p.m. and greeting my handsome yet sensitive husband -- who happens to have a very strong jaw line, perfect end of the day stubble and a great shirt/tie combination -- at the door with a stiff vodka tonic and an appropriate pre-dinner kiss with the wonderful aromas of steak and laundry enveloping our loving household, that makes me want to grow up in .25 seconds and walk down the aisle tomorrow in a strapless Vera Wang dress right behind my bridesmaids dressed in deep purple (not that I've thought about it much).

Yes, this might seem just a tad ridiculous, but is it really? Think about it, if I want to get married by 26 and have my first kid by 28, that only gives me six years to meet my soul mate, get to know him, convince him to propose to me, have an appropriately long engagement and then plan the wedding, which will take an estimated year, with the assistance of my wonderful mother who has the decorative tastes of a professional interior designer, the elegance of a queen and the classiness of Jackie O all wrapped up in the most graceful hostess in heels who can also salsa dance like a champ (clearly the coolest lady in town).

I always ask my girlfriends if they are going to marry their significant others, and they look at me like I'm crazy, but if I keep pushing it, they can usually come up with a few details for their weddings or kids' names, so I KNOW that they have thought about it at least once.

Why the need to feel so awkward about having considered marriage in college? My mom and dad met in college in the Dominican Republic and they are still happily married.

If they hadn't decided to settle down, I wouldn't be here writing this column (which hopefully inspires you to get online and to do some pre-wedding online browsing if it's something that you have considered before but been too embarrassed to actually add Tiffanys to your favorites page).

Now, maybe getting married isn't high on your list of priorities -- maybe you would like to hold off on having a family until you have had a successful career, or maybe you want to travel, or maybe you want to do a number of other things that don't involve settling down right away, or maybe you don't want to get married at all, and if that's the case, I hope that you succeed in whatever plans you have for yourself and you find that the world offers you every possibility you have ever imagined.

But for me, getting married, doing an excessive amount of cooking, raising a happy, healthy family and carting my kids around to dance/soccer/violin/piano/football/band/mathletics or whatever it is that they are going to want to do, is the best possible version of my future that I could ever foresee.

Maybe having Tiffanys as my home page and having a list of potential baby names on post-its in my planner is a bit excessive, but I see it as valuable preparation for the future! I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking about weddings and futures and the best car choice for running errands and keeping your kids safe (the Volvo SUV -- the soccer mom car for hot moms), so if you ever, and I mean EVER, want to ramble with someone about your fear that you won't find a soul mate or your dream wedding, I'm here for you. Find me on Facebook, we will get coffee and have a judgment-free future-talking sesh asapsies.

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