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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Gyra Chan

Some last reflections on Richmond

I'm a pretty cold-hearted person, so when people start talking about how sad they are that we're graduating soon, I usually just let my eyes glaze over and start thinking about what I need to buy at the grocery store this week. Granted, I nod my head every once and a while and stick in the perfunctory "I know, right?!" But when push comes to shove, I'm pretty excited to get the heck out of here. Sorry I'm not sorry that I won't really miss the midget-sized beds, trying to maneuver around my roommates in our one-person kitchen sans dishwasher, the moldy bathtubs, the parking services man, checking eSuds every .25 seconds to see whether any of the laundry machines were open, the laxative-ridden D-Hall food or trying to sleep through the sounds of drunk biddies roaming around the apartments at 2 a.m.

Films over football

Last weekend, instead of using the Super Bowl as an opportunity to eat crappy game food, drink beer and hang out with a bunch of overly aggressive guys who are more interested in watching grown men with bulging biceps run around in spandex than cute girls in jerseys, my apartmentmate and I opted to go see "The Woman in Black." Sure, we might not be the coolest cats in the litter box, but we decided that this was the year to accept that we will never understand football and do something that we are good at instead.

College search for post-grad fulfillment starts

I have resigned myself to the pathetic fact that I will be living in my parents' basement for the rest of my life, hoping that they love me enough to support me for years to come while I wallow in the sad realization that I will never get a job. As a second-semester senior, I'm moderately to majorly freaking out about my life post-graduation.

Dating for dummies: Fool proof tips to roping in a boyfriend

Readers, if you're anything like me and you've spent part, much or the entirety of your college journey hooking up with people hoping that maybe, just maybe, one of these frat stars will be the one who acts like a decent human being and texts you the next morning to ask you to coffee sometime, followed by an invitation to a casual lunch, which is then logically followed by dinner and then, eventually, couples cooking, homeworking and holding hands on your way to the mail room, let me tell you, there is hope. Now, you all know that I'm the first one to frump around and complain about how my foreseeable future includes me being an old cat lady well-versed in Jane Austen and flower genera, but the impossible has happened.

Decompressing from Thanksgiving

It's that time of year again. The holidays are around the corner, work has started to pile up just enough to ensure that you have a perpetual knot in your stomach and every single thing is starting to get on your nerves. I don't know about you guys, but I certainly need a little breather from absolutely everything at this point.

Lodges, laundry and the transition to bar culture

It seems that not all of my assumptions about growing up are true. Part of the reason I was particularly excited to turn 21 and move away from the lodge culture was simply that I could start investing in nicer going-out clothes. Back during my lodge days, I wouldn't spend more than $15.95 at Forever 21 on a going-out shirt because I knew for certain that by the time I got back to my room, it would be soaked in beer, sweat, tears and shame. I had to be practical and overlook so many nice shirts and dresses simply because I didn't want to buy something I knew I would ruin later that weekend.

Turning that Saturday frown upside down

So last Saturday I was kind of in one of those moods where you just wanna be a sloth all day, lie in bed, not respond to your texts and listen to sad music about how men will break your heart over and over and over again. However, my roommates have long dealt with my Saturday blues and they know from experience that the one thing that will get me out of bed and into pants with a non-elastic waistband is food, so we decided to go out for a roommate dinner. There is nothing lovelier than sitting around with your roommates and discussing boys, food, friends, clothes, politics and the latest Supreme Court cases over a pail of Sticky Rice tater tots.

Lodges' time-honored tradition trumped

So, I know that I recently wrote an article about how I am no longer the lodge star that I once was, but even I, retired lodger, would like the chance to revisit my old sophomore/junior roots every once in a while just to make sure that nothing has changed. Though it's not necessarily my scene anymore, I can fall asleep in peace on Friday and Saturday knowing that people are still making out recklessly in embarrassingly tight clothing covered in sweat with eye liner and mascara running down their drunken faces. However, it seems like my peaceful weekend sleeps may be interrupted by this whole "let's try to make the lodges classier movement." Even if I wanted to go to the lodges, just for kicks, (literally, like if I wanted to get kicked in the shins all night), I probably couldn't make it past the new "let's not have any more fun" police, who for some reason feel like three people per brother is an appropriate way to stop people from getting too crazy. I mean the way I look at it, at least if everyone's drunk at lodges they're all together in one collective location.

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