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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

New disc golf course unites staff and students

Students and staff participated in the first on-campus disc golf tournament after the course was completed last week as part of the green initiative at the University of Richmond.

About forty people were present at the ceremony, where President Edward L. Ayers and others spoke about progress the university has been making during the past few years to be greener, including the use of eco-treadmills, green bikes, recycling bins and a disc golf course.

Senior Chris Flock, vice president of student experience in the Richmond College Student Government Association, spoke at the ceremony about why students wanted a disc golf course on campus and of the process of getting the course approved.

"The idea was proposed by a student and was approved by President Ayers in 2009," Flock said. "It was added to the 'Fun Initiative,' which is a compilation of students' ideas of outdoor activities that would make a fun addition to the campus."

The project was approved in September and construction began last winter.

Flock said that the course had been added so those on campus could relax and still stay active. It's a "laid back, easy game for students, staff and faculty" to enjoy, he said.

Flock said that the course had been designed by H.B. Clark, who had more than thirty years of disc golf course design experience and had been on the Professional Disc Golf Association team since 1977.

The building of the course was financed by Recreation & Wellness and constructed by facilities, Flock said. According to the Richmond website, the course cost about $25,000 to construct.

"Everything was made out of recycled goods," Flock said. "No trees were cut down. It fit perfectly."

The 18-hole course begins at the Jepson Alumni Center and weaves all around campus, from the president's house to the Westhampton College tennis courts, through the woods, around the lake and then ends back at the Alumni Center. Maps are available for those who want to play.

"I would just like to thank Dr. Steve Bisese for getting the ball rolling," Flock said.

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