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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Charlotte Brackett

Campus gets option to help end hunger with Two Degrees bars

Two Degrees Food, which is built on a one-for-one model, has started making its way to college campuses all across the nation and has grown more popular since the company started in 2010. As stated on its website, "for every Two Degrees bar you buy, we donate a meal to a hungry child." Junior Rob Kolowich, the campus marketing director for the company, said that he had first heard of it on Facebook and instantly wanted to get involved.

Bulgarian dance club celebrates Orthodox Easter

The Bulgarian dance club hosted an event on Tuesday to celebrate the Orthodox Easter, which is this Sunday, by serving traditional food and performing intricate dances. Senior Gergana Valcheva, who coordinated the event, said the group had planned it so everyone could celebrate Easter the traditional Bulgarian way. "Bulgarian Easter traditions are quite different from ones over here," she said.

Mr. Latin America crowned at SALSA-hosted Noche Latino

The Spanish and Latino Student Alliance (SALSA) hosted its third annual Noche Latina at Tyler Haynes Commons Saturday night, providing its audience with authentic food, dancing and even a Mr. Latin America competition. Isela Melendez, president of SALSA, said the event had been held to help bring awareness to campus about the Latino culture. "We feel there isn't a lot of Latino presence on campus," she said, "and this is a fun way to meet other Latinos.

Sorority cottages nearing completion

More than a year after approving the plans to build sorority cottages, construction is nearing completion and sorority presidents must decide how to best use the new space. Junior Kaitlyn Walsh, president of Kappa Alpha Theta, said that her sorority was going to use the cottage mostly for recruitment purposes and bonding activities. "The space is going to be an area for recruitment, sisterhood events and sorority rituals," she said.

UREMS students respond to campus emergency calls

The University of Richmond Emergency Medical Services (UREMS) is a student-run volunteer program composed of 55-60 undergraduate students that responds to all medical emergencies on campus, regardless of what they are, said sophomore Matt Palmisano, the vice president of operations and one of the two supervisors in the group. "Most people think that we only get called for alcohol-related issues, but that is actually not true," Palmisano said.

Rocco settling in as Richmond's new football coach

Danny Rocco, who is preparing for his first season as head coach of the Richmond Spiders football team, said that there have been a lot of changes since he arrived at Richmond. "There are a number of things that we have adjusted, and the first changes were with the personnel," he said.

Brackett Blog: Olympic swimming trials 2012

Saturday March 3, 2012, 7:20 p.m. Equipped with an old laptop that somehow only has a battery life of an hour, an iPod touch that won't connect to the internet, homework that I know I won't do and seven hours of time to waste, my plane took off from Charlotte, heading for London, Gatwick.

New rhetoric course focuses on Lady Gaga

Madison Moore, a doctoral candidate at Yale University, will join the Richmond Theatre and Dance and Rhetoric and Communications departments in the fall among his courses one will focus on Lady Gaga and the persona she has created. Moore graduated from the University of Michigan in 2006, where he said he had studied French literature and violin performance.

Renowned poet performs on campus

Sonya Renee Taylor, introduced by sophomore Erik Lampmann as one of the most distinguished, recognizable and accomplished female artists in the world of performance poetry, appeared in front of students Feb.

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