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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Campus police holds car safety check

A steady stream of cars flowed through C-Lot Tuesday for the University of Richmond Police Department's Vehicle Safety Day.

Officers began their checklist by asking students to start their engines and turn on their headlights, turn signals and hazard, brake and reverse lights. The students were then asked to pop the hood of their cars and leave them with the officers.

Free pizza and drinks were available while the officers checked the cars' fluids, fan belts, batteries and tire pressure.

A patrol car was parked at the entrance of the lot with a sign to help students locate the inspection site. Officers laughed with one another and answered students' questions. They wore polo shirts and jeans instead of their regular uniforms.

Sally Roberts, a student employee at the police station, helped the officers go through the checklists and hand them to students when the inspections were completed. The officers inspected around 75 cars between noon and 2:30 p.m., Roberts said.

James Rich, a security officer trainer, used Coca-Cola to clean the battery of one car. He then sprayed an anti-corrosion fluid on the battery before closing the car up.

Sgt. Eric Beatty arrived at the safety check at 10 a.m. He said the most common problems he had seen in students' cars were low air pressure in tires, not having enough oil or needing to get the oil changed.

"Tire pressure is really important," he said. "It improves gas mileage and prevents tires from wearing funny."

The police department supplied tools to fix tire pressure and add transmission fluid, oil and power-steering and brake fluid, Beatty said.

Senior Lexie Perella brought her car to get checked because it was easy and convenient, she said.

"I think vehicle safety day is a great thing that the police department puts on," Perrella said. "I am really busy and don't really ever think about getting my car checked. Everyone was really nice and taught me a lot -- even how to pop my hood."

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