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Spider of the Week: Emily Straniero

Q: How would you describe the season?

A: Each year our coach picks a word almost as a theme for the season. Last spring she chose united. If I had to say how our team has been playing and getting along, that is how I would sum it up.

Q: How does it happen that you hadn't scored before?

A: My position on the field is center back. I control the defense and work in tandem with the goalie. I don't go above the 50 much because I play cover (which is if they have a counter attack, it's my job to make sure they don't come near the circle). On senior day they asked me to take a shot during a corner. I guess they liked what they saw! I suppose you could say it's more a less a secret weapon. I do have a pretty hard hit, so it is definitely an honor to be considered a weapon! But that is why I haven't scored. I pretty much just play defense.

Q: What has been your favorite memory of Spider Field Hockey?

A: I think my favorite of all was just traveling this past weekend. We were able to spend three full days in California. We got to go all over and take pictures and really play up that tourist role! It was a lot of fun, and winning the last three games to get us where we are is so special.

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