Courtney Harvey, president of UR Fierce, and Ronwyn Pritchett, founder and president of Future American Men of Excellence, schooled audience members on fashion dos and don'ts at the UR Fashion Police show Friday.

"It's an event where we wanted to show different things that we've seen on campus and also want to show what to wear and what not to wear in certain situations, " Harvey said. "We wanted to be helpful, but add a little comedy in at the same time."

Sophomore Kayla Miller, treasurer of UR Fierce, organized the fashion show, which was the final program for the spring 2012 Fierce Fridays' series.

The show was divided into four categories: business, business casual, formal and casual.

Twelve students modeled their own clothing on the runway in the Tyler Haynes Commons.

"We tried to pick people to model that were from different friend groups, so that we could bring out more people that we don't usually see at our events," Harvey said.

Junior George Boston showed off a business casual don't by wearing a khaki blazer, khaki shorts, knee-high white socks and brown shoes with a black belt.

Pritchett and Harvey told sophomore model Keia Banks that graphic tees, jeans and boots were not fit for a business casual setting. Freshman Jasmine Smalls sported a black-and-white polka dot dress and nude-colored heels for business attire, which the hosts approved.

The show's intermission featured "Get Money Dance" and "Dress-the-Model" competitions. Junior Robin Campbell, who learned the dance while on stage, beat senior Dwayne Foster, a member of F.A.M.E.

The "Dress the Model" competition required participants to dig into tote bags of clothing to dress their models for the club. Matt Dirzulaitis, who dressed junior Marie Jayme, beat sophomore Tyler Barbarin, who dressed senior model Evan Joseph. Winners received Sweet Frog gift cards.

The second half of the show touched on campus fashion faux pas. Vivian Trinh, a junior model, committed the cardinal sin of stripes on stripes. She wore UGG boots with pin-striped shorts and a front tie, striped belly shirt. Junior Jeffrey Garcia wore a Polo shirt with basketball shorts, which one should never do, he said.

Senior Darius McMillan, founder and vice president of F.A.M.E., said: "We are really appreciative of the opportunity to have a collaboration with UR Fierce, and we look forward to many more collaborative opportunities. We had a good turnout at the Fashion show and really believe that the students in attendance enjoyed themselves."

Miller said Fierce Friday programs had been held each month of the school year and would continue in the fall.

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