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Thursday, December 08, 2022

UR Hungry: Proper Pie Co.

It was Friday and we were hungry. My friend and I looked at each other and without hesitation said, "Pieday Friday!" and headed over to Proper Pie Co. We wanted to eat a pie for lunch and also buy some for dinner later that night. We were having some friends over and knew that splitting a few savory and sweet pies would be perfect for a family-style group meal.

Proper Pie Co. is about 20 minutes from campus on East Broad Street. The restaurant is small with limited seating, but it has a great vibe. There seemed to be lots of regulars and everyone was very friendly. They post their menu for the day on their Facebook page every morning before opening at noon. I sent it out to my friends who were coming over for dinner and we decided on a few pies we definitely wanted to try. The pies are smaller than an average pie - they are made big enough that you can eat a whole one as your meal but small enough that it is not overwhelming. Think personal pizza versus large pizza. They also have some other food besides pie such as soups, brownies, ice cream, coffee and other goodies. The staff was very friendly and helped us choose some great pies.

For lunch, my friend and I ordered the steak and cheese pie. When we split it in half the tender steak and cheese was oozing out and smelled amazing. The crust was buttery and flake, not dense like most pies. For dinner, we ordered the roast lamb and vegetable, the pork chile rojo and the spinach and cheese roll. I was not exactly sure what to expect with the roll, but it ended up being the same flaky pastry that is used for the pies, rolled around the spinach and cheese, making a cylinder shape. All of them were delicious but the lamb was my personal favorite. When we ordered they asked if it was to stay or to-go and gave us heating instructions for the to-go pies.

For dessert, we ordered the blueberry apple pie and the mango coconut custard pie. The dessert pies are regular-sized pies so they are served as slices. Both of these pies were wonderful. We were also debating getting their signature banoffee (banana & toffee) pie but decided not to get that one on Friday. #regrets. We could have also eaten that pie with no problem but I guess that just means we need to go back next week!

Proper Pie Co. was so fantastic that I think I am going to make every Friday a "Pieday."

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