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Friday, September 22, 2023

Getting Festive Through Finals

<p>Courtesy of Elle Savastio</p>

Courtesy of Elle Savastio

To stay in the holiday spirit and keep your mood from dropping during finals, it is the perfect time to start decorating your dorm room. Some people might think that it’s too early for holiday decor, however, if the malls are decorated and the dining hall is playing Christmas music, your dorm can be in the spirit too. Here are some tips for staying festive through finals:

Get a (Fake) Tree

I know people who have been ambitious enough to cut down a tree in the middle of the night for their apartment, but the easiest and cleanest thing to do would be to get a fake tree. They come in all different sizes and colors, like this small white one (below) that is perfect for setting up on a desk, table, dresser, or any small surface you have room on. Or you can go with a more classic (yet still ambitious) approach like a larger, green tree. Trees are perfect for keeping your room feeling like home until your break starts. You can also do a Secret Santa with your friends and keep the gifts under the tree!

Put Lights Up

Some people have lights hanging up in their room year round, however if you don’t have lights now, it’s never too late to hang up some Christmas lights inside your room. You can hang them all over the room or just above your bed. Either way, these lights make the room more cozy and festive.

Decorate Your Door

Most people don’t keep their door open all day to show off their decorations to whoever walks by, so decorating your door is a way to show your spirit to all the people that don’t actually live with you and see your giant tree everyday. (Or maybe that’s just my suite). A classic idea is a wreath, shown above, but you can also get festive by putting bows and stockings on your door too. Either way you’ll be sure to brighten someone’s day and get them in the holiday spirit with your decorated door! 

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