Editor's note: The first version of this story inaccurately described the deans' advising roles. McIntosh advised WCGA in addition to Genoni and Fankhauser. 

An email sent to members of the Westhampton College Government Association on Wednesday announced the immediate resignation of Assistant Dean Donique McIntosh less than a full year after she had taken office.

The email was sent from the office of Mia Reinoso Genoni, dean of Westhampton College.

“Dr. Donique McIntosh has resigned her position as Assistant Dean of Westhampton College, to pursue other opportunities that better align with her personal and professional goals,” the email read. “We appreciate the value she has brought to the university, and respect her need to pursue opportunities that represent a better fit for her interests.”

The email also said that Genoni and Associate Dean Kerry Fankhauser would continue to advise WCGA. McIntosh also advised WCGA. 

When contacted by The Collegian, Cynthia Price, director of media and public relations, forwarded the same emailed message from Dean Genoni and offered no further information.

The Collegian also attempted to contact McIntosh, but her University of Richmond email account had been disabled. Instead, there was an automatic response that stated all emails sent to that account would be forwarded to the dean of Westhampton College.

McIntosh began her employment at the university in August 2017.

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