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Thursday, June 13, 2024

SpiderBoard wins student lodge name, logo contest

The Student Organizations Lodge under construction on Old Fraternity Row.
The Student Organizations Lodge under construction on Old Fraternity Row.

SpiderBoard’s “The CAVE” won the student lodge name and design competition as announced by the University of Richmond’s student governments on Instagram on Feb. 11. 

Westhampton College Government Association and Richmond College Student Government Association announced the winner after conducting a second vote on Jan. 31. The reconducting of the votes happened because of voter fraud from the first process. 

The winner of the student organization lodge naming and design contest changed after the second vote, Jalen Jones, junior and RCSGA vice president of external affairs, said. 

Previously an unoccupied lodge on Fraternity Row, The CAVE will serve as a place for student organizations to hold events, meetings, training and parties. 

SpiderBoard members came up with the winning name and design through an icebreaker. They were divided into random groups and each group came up with a design and name for a hypothetical lodge in late November, said first-year and president of SpiderBoard Aminata Bamba.  

“I had no idea what this was for, I just thought this was a regular icebreaker,” said first-year Sydney Boehman, who is the vice president of SpiderBoard. “In fifteen minutes we had to come up with a name and design. We wrote a list of things that spiders live in and ‘cave’ popped up.” 

The WCGA Instagram post revealed the winning logo design. In black and white, “THE CAVE” is in all caps that concave down. The center of the logo has a cave with a spider in it. At the bottom of the logo is The CAVE’s acronym: Campus Activities Venue for Entertainment. 

Both Bamba and Boehman were unaware SpiderBoard entered the Student Lodge Name and Logo contest in the first place. Junior Collin Elgarten, the previous vice president of SpiderBoard, notified Boehman about it.  

“I found out about the contest when I was told we won,” Boehman said. “Collin texted me in January saying we won the naming and design contest, and I thought, ‘wait, for what?’ It’s really cool that SpiderBoard did that.”

Before the student lodge was named The CAVE, it was called Student Organization Lodge.

“We really care about what student organizations like the best,” Hu said. “Maybe Student Organization Lodge can work, but it doesn’t represent how this lodge serves the student organization. ” 

The CAVE will have an opening ceremony hosted by the student governments sometime in early April, said Hu and senior Anthony Lawrence, the RCSGA president. The ceremony will be open to all students, but the student lodge will be open for official use in the next school year. 

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“I’m very excited about it,” Lawrence said. “This is something that [RCSGA and WCGA] have been trying to do for two years. So that’s always great to see it happen now.”

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